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Monster Hunter Rise: How To Unlock And Use Palamute Scrolls

Here's everything you need to know about Palamute Scrolls.

The much-awaited console game, Monster Hunter Rise, has finally released and it has received an overwhelming response from critics and gamers alike. There are thousands of players who have already completed the game but there are many who still don’t know a few elements added to MH Rise. One such element is Palamute, a dog-like creature.

For the unversed, Palamute is a tool that can be used to climb a cliff and traverse from one place to another place in Monster Hunter Rise. What makes Palaumute a sought-after pet in MH Rise is it can be equipped with its own and additional equipment pieces called Scrolls.


If you have not yet equipped Palamute Scrolls in Monster Hunter Rise then don’t fret, in this guide, we will break down everything about Palamutes Scrolls, including how to unlock it, how to equip it, and how to use it in MH Rise.

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Monster Hunter Rise How To Unlock Palamute Scrolls


To unlock Palaumute Scrolls in Monster Hunter Rise, players are required to complete quests from a certain NPC in Kamura Village. As you progress through the main story, you will have more Palamute Scrolls unlocked.

To unlock more Scrolls in MH Rise, players will have to complete requests given by Canyne Master Inukai. For the uninformed, he is also an NPC, who can be found to the left of the Kamura Village’s quest maiden Hinoa.

To get your hands on more Palamute Scrolls, players will have to complete more quests given by Canyne Master Inukai. Apart from getting it by completing quests, players can also buy it from Rondine at the Argosy, under the “Rare Finds” section of her shop.


How To Equip Palamute Scrolls

It is straightforward to equip Palamute Scrolls in Monster Hunter Rise. To equip it, you simply need to head to Buddy Board that can be found next to Hinoa or in the Buddy Plaza. There, you will have to select an option ‘Palamute Gear’. When you do this, you will be shown three gear slots a Palamute is equipped with.

MH Rise Palamute Scrolls Guide


Now, it is time to select the desired slot. Once selected, all Palamute Scrolls that you have unlocked so far will be seen in your inventory. You simply need to select the Palamute Scrolls that you would like to equip in Monster Hunter Rise.

That’s everything you need to know about Palamute Scrolls and how to equip them in Monster Hunter Rise. While you are here do not miss out on finding out about other resources such as Acute Fangs and Mighty Bow Feather.