Monster Hunter Rise: How To Mount Monsters

Here are three easy ways to mount a monster in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise has introduced a new feature, Wyvern Riding, allowing players to not only mount monsters but also use them against other creatures. Since the new feature has just added to the title, there are tons of players who have been wondering how to mount Monsters in Monster Hunter Rise.

If you too don’t know how to use the Wyvern Riding feature in Monster Hunter Ride then don’t worry, we have explained three easy ways that you can use and mount monsters in the game.

How To Mount Monsters in Monster Hunter Rise

With the help of Wyvern Riding, not only you can ride but also control a monster in Monster Hunter Ride. Once mounted, you can use the same monster to inflict massive damage to other creatures. If you want to knock it down, you will have to force it to run a wall. To regain its balance, you will have to press B.

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Here are three ways to mount a Monster in Monster Hunter Rise:

Use The Wirebug

Among the new features added to Monster Hunter Rise, one is the Wirebug. The developer of the game has not only added this feature but also made it mandatory to use it with Wyvern Riding. What makes this feature extraordinary is it provides new Silkbind attacks to your weapons.

If you attack monsters in Monster Hunter Rise with these new abilities, it is most likely that the monsters will go to a mountable state. When this happens, you simply need to approach the monster and press A to mount the monster. Once mounted, you will need to use Wirebug’s strings it.

Puppet Spiders

The second way to mount a monster requires you to use Puppet Spider. For the unversed, these little bugs can be found in the field and used for numerous effects. What makes it worth is it allows you to mount a monster.

To mount a monster in Monster Hunter Rise, you will need to select Puppet Spiders from the Item Bar and use them. When you do this, the monster will automatically enter in a mountable state.

Attack Other Monsters

The last method needs you to mount a monster and attack another monster with its abilities until it enters a mountable state. When this happens, you can easily jump from the mounted monster to the exhausted one.

That’s all you need to know about how to mount a monster in Monster Hunter Rise. While you are here, you may also like to read about how to defeat Magnamalo In Monster Hunter Rise.