How To Defeat Magnamalo In Monster Hunter Rise

Here’s how to beat & kill Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise.

Magnamalo is a tough enemy in Monster Hunter Rise and beating it is not going to be an easy task. You only have 15 minutes to battle this monster and beat it before you retreat to Village and fail the quest. So if you have tried to defeat Magnamalo and feel the need for guidance then you are at the right place. Let us look at how to beat Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to Beat Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise?

Magnamalo is a Fanged Wyvern that looks like a purple tiger wearing samurai armor. The monster will land heavy attacks on you without wasting any time. You have to be at a considerable good stage with gear and weapons to take on this beast. Magnamalo’s body parts like mouth, back, forelegs and tail will be emitting a purple flame called “Hellfire”. To take on this beast you need to understand all its attacks and abilities so that you can act accordingly and take decisions.

Kill Magnamalo MH4

Even though the beast is huge, it can jump and cover a lot of areas. This makes it very agile and swift in the battleground. When taking the leaps, it can shoot fireballs at you in between. The main attribute you have to keep in mind is its Hellfireblight Ailment. The Hellfire will gradually spread to different parts of its body during the fight. The color will turn from purple to pink by the end of the battle. When the hellfire is expelled from its body, it will shake and fall down on the ground. This is your chance to deal the maximum damage. If you fail to deal enough damage, the hellfire will build up and turn pink. This will explode and deal with huge damage in a wide radius.

So keeping all this in mind, let’s see how to defeat Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR):

  • Make sure to ride on a Mizutsune, Rathian, or Rathalos into the battle.
  • Using these wyverns to ride in to the start of battle will deal great damage to Magnamalo.
  • When Magnamalo’s body parts are covered in Hellfire, attack that specific parts. This will deal high damage.
  • Whenever the beast falls on the ground, land as much damage as possible to stop the Hellfire from being Pink.
  • Your best option is to continue attacking the body parts engulfed in Hellfire.
  • Avoid standing in front of Magnamalo where it will continuously attack you.
  • Once you get an opening to land some slashes, use your wire bug to lift vertically to move away quickly.
  • Touching the purple balls will put Blight damage on you.
  • You can shake this off by using a wire bug dash, which leaves behind a fireball that damages Magnamalo.
  • Keep using this wire bug dash to shake off blights to damage Magnamalo when possible.
  • Use different tools & other monster powers like Shock Traps, Blastoad, and Thunderbeetles.
  • Follow all these steps and be patient to successfully hunt and defeat Magnamalo.

That’s everything you need to know about how to beat Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise. In conclusion, try to use all the skills you have learned and polish the Wire Bug ability to kill this monster easily. If you enter the battleground while riding a Wyvern, then it will fight with this boss first while also dealing a lot of damage. This will surely make things much easier for you further ahead in the battle.

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