How to Get Mighty Bow Feather In Monster Hunter Rise

Here's a quick guide on how to craft Mighty Bow Feather set in MH Rise.

There are multiple pieces of armor in Monster Hunter Rise that come as part of a set. One such is Mighty Bow Feather. It is an armor set comprising five different pieces. Once you have successfully equipped all pieces of Might Bow Feather in MH Rise, its skill increases the maximum level of the bow’s charge by +1, which allows any bow to deal additional damage.

Unlike other armor in Monster Hunter Rise, crafting Mighty Bow Feather is a bit complicated. If you want to craft this stunning armor but don’t know how it can be done then don’t worry, we have a guide covering everything in the simplest way possible.

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Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Mighty Bow Feather

It has been a few weeks since Monster Hunter Rise released on Console but we have not found any other option other than Mighty Bow Feather to get the Bow Charge Plus skill. There is no denying that it is crafted like any other armor in MH RIse but the materials it requires are unique and can only be found in arena quests.

The materials that you will need to craft Mighty Bow Feather set in Monster Hunter Rise are — 3x Hunter King Coins, 2x Ace Hunter Coins, 2x Barioth Coins, and 3x Rajang Coins.

To obtain Hunter King Coins in MH Rise, players will have to clear Arena 03. To do this, you will have to fight with a Royal Luroth and a Nargacuga. To get the Ace Hunter Coins, players will need to head over to Arena 05 and fight against the mighty Rajang.

There are players who reported to have found Ace Hunter Coins in Arena 04 as well. The remaining two materials —  Barioth and Rajang coins — can be obtained from these quests as well.

That’s everything you need to know about how to craft Mighty Bow Feather set in Monster Hunter Rise. While you’re here, make sure to check out how to beat Narwa in Monster Hunter Rise by clicking on the linked article.