How to get Great Stoutbones in Monster Hunter Rise?

Here's all you need to know about Stoutbones and Great Stoutbones in MHR and how to get them right away.

Games like Monster Hunter Rise are famous for their weapons and upgrade materials and they do a quite good job by keeping the best ones towards the end. With every level, Monsters get bigger and so do the rewards. Although many resources can be exploited by mining outcrops or capturing creatures, some, such as the Stoutbones and the Great Stoutbones, can only be sculpted from a monster. Let’s dig a little deeper to see how to get Great Stoutbones in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to get Great Stoutbones in Monster Hunter Rise?

Monster Hunter Rise Arzuroz  Great Stoutbones

To get the Great Stoutbones players will have to hunt down some of the deadliest monsters in the High-rank quests. Since they are among the deadliest in the games, you have to be very well prepared for the battle. Arzuroz, Lagombi, Volvidon, Tetranadon, and Bishaten are the only monsters who will drop Stoutbones during high-rank quests so keep an eye out for them. Great Stoutbones being even rarer can only be obtained by killing Rajang. Rajang is found only in High-rank levels at Shrine Ruins, Flooded Forest, Frost Islands, Sandy Plains, and Lava Caverns.

Stoutbones are obtained as target rewards so you’ll get some chances to get them depending upon how you approach the quest.

How to Use Great Stoutbones?

Stoutbones and Great Stoutbones can be used to make an array of armors and weapons in the game. Players should know that Stoutbones become one of the most common ingredients for almost all the high-rank weapons and armors so you’ll have to farm them regularly.

The key to Monster Hunter Rise is the resources, how quickly you get them and how you use them. That makes Stoutbones and Great Stoutbones very important in keeping players ahead of other players.

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