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How To Beat Thunder Serpent Narwa In Monster Hunter Rise (Boss Battle Guide)

Find out how to beat Narwa in MH Rise.

Thunder Serpent Narwa is the final boss that you will face in Monster Hunter Rise. It is definitely one of the most challenging fights in the game where you have to take the help of some additional weapons. Narwa’s attacks are difficult to avoid at times. That combined with its large health span it is a pretty notorious enemy. However, we have made it easy for you with these tips and tricks. Follow this guide to know how to beat the Thunder Serpent Narwa in MH Rise.

How to beat the Thunder Serpent Narwa in Monster Hunter Rise


Monster Hunter Rise Thunder Serpent Narwa
Don’t let this slippery monster frighten you.

The main region you should focus your attacks are on Narwa’s belly and head. The belly is the most vulnerable part of Narwa’s body especially when it glows while getting charged up. The second-most vulnerable body part like all other monsters is the head. Any body part that gets charged also makes it easier to break. This can be identified by the bright glow around these parts. Breaking parts like wings will make the Monster that bit more vulnerable and easier to beat.

The Narwa boss fight takes part in three separate stages, with each stage ramping up the complexity of the fight. You do have some additional aid in the form of extra firepower to help you out, however. These guns are instrumental in the fight against Narwa and appear as floating platforms in the middle of the fight arena. Use them to the fullest.


Narwa majorly relies on Thunder elemental attacks. Thus it makes sense to equip your Armor and charms accordingly. You need to build up Thunder and Stun resistance for this fight. The best way to do that is to gain buffs from the Hunting Horn. Even eating Bunny Dango meals will provide you with good tolerance from these attacks.

Monster Hunter Rise Thunder Serpent Narwa Boss Fight Stage 1

This stage of the attack will see the Narwa use its circular ring-like electrical attack. This attack spans in all directions and can be avoided by using Wirebugs. The Narwa majorly uses its tail for this attack.


In this stage, there will also be platforms springing up around the arena. These platforms tend to have cannons and large guns. These guns are your friends and your best bet at defeating Narwa. They deal massive amounts of damage while keeping you at a safe distance. There will also be instances where Narwa comes close to you on these platforms. During such a time try to attack its belly.

Also, be aware of a popup notification that says Splitting Wyvernshot is active. This gives you control over a large cannon on the left side of the wall. Make sure you stun Narwa as it will make it easier to target.

Monster Hunter Rise Thunder Serpent Narwa Boss Fight Stage 2

This stage will see Narwa use its Electric mouth attack that is similar to the tail attack of the first stage. However, this attack does tend to be faster than the one in the first stage. Fortunately, it doesn’t cover the similar amount of area. This works in your favor when you are using the guns from the platform. When Narwa is charging up for this attack you can identify it by the ring of lightning around it. It is best to put some distance between you and Narwa at this stage.


In this stage, the limbs and wings of Narwa also start charging up. This in turn does make it more vulnerable. Narwa starts getting more aggressive as its health reduces. Look out for another popup that will say Dragonator is active. This is another massive cannon for you to use. Again knockout and stun Narwa. Head to the left side of the wall again to use this cannon.

Monster Hunter Rise Thunder Serpent Narwa Boss Fight Stage 3

This obviously is the toughest stage in the game. The attacks will get more erratic in this stage. As with all stages, the cannons are your best friends for this fight. However, watch out for attacks that will knock you out of these platforms. In this stage, almost all attacks are combined with expanding electrical rings. Just keep at it with your attacks focused on the belly. Eventually, Narwa will be defeated.

This is everything you need to know about how to beat the Thunder Serpent Narwa in Monster Hunter Rise. While you are do not miss out on how to get Fulgurbug and how to get to the Training Area.