Nintendo Project Banquet: SEGA Leaker Midori Reveals A New Game In Development

Following Nintendo for its upcoming games and came across codename Banquet? Here is everything we know about it.

Tier 1 leaker Midori says “A game is in development at Nintendo with the codename Banquet.” Nintendo fans in 2024 so far have seen a few first-party games with Mario vs Donkey Kong in February, Princess Peach Showtime in March, and soon will get Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door in May. As such it is only natural that they may want to know what more is in store for them. That is where this new game comes into play.

Leaks Suggest Nintendo Codename Banquet Could Be An Unnamed Game In Development

What Is Nintendo Project Codename Banquet
Image Credits: Nintendo UK (Super Mario Party Launch Trailer). Possibilities of Project Banquet being the new Super Mario Party 2.

Banquet is the internal name the developers are using for this unnamed game. If you are new to such leaks then this is a common practice like Nintendo NX being the codename for Nintendo Switch. When it comes to games, there are two possibilities for what this upcoming project might be.

The first one is the possibility of it being a sequel to Super Mario Party. Banquet much like Buffet is a term related to feasts. So the easy speculation is that the game in development might be Super Mario Party 2. However, that isn’t the only game that it could mean.

Previously, Kirby games have also been known to have codenames based on various foods. Some of its examples include Donut, Pizza, Eclair, Lime2, and Breakfast. As Breakfast can loosely be co-related with Banquet we can assume it might be hinting to Kirby’s Dream Buffet 2.

One might argue, that there is a chance of it being a Pikmin game, but its codenames have been more vegetable-focused like Carrot, Raddish, PumpkinS1, PumpkinS2, and Carrot4. Not to mention we got the latest addition to the Pikmin series just last year.

There is also a possibility that this might be a completely different game altogether. It will soon be 7 years since Nintendo announced Metroid Prime 4. So could we finally be getting it, or is it the much-awaited Zelda Wind Waker Remake for the Switch?

Whatever the case might be, the good news is a new game being developed. Considering it isn’t any random rumor but rather something coming from Midori. She is considered a very reliable source on Reddit r/GamingLeaksandRumors. Some of her previous leaks which have turned out right have been of Persona games by Atlus and Sonic by SEGA.

It is important to remember that this game is still in development, as such there is a chance that it may get scrapped. Or it may even be ready and get launched for the rumored upcoming console Nintendo Switch 2. At the end of the day, since it is a leak, there will always be some amount of uncertainty about what will turn out of it.

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