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How To Get Fulgurbug in Monster Hunter Rise

Here's a quick guide on how to find Fulgurbug in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise has a staggering number of monsters that drops special items when defeated. One such monster is Zinogre. Defeating Zinogre in MH Rise is not a bed of roses but when you manage to take it down, you will get an incredible item called, Fulgurbug.

There are thousands of MH Rise players who want to get their hands on this special item but they don’t know how to obtain it and if that’s you then look no further as we have got you covered. Before we teach you how to get Fulgurbug in MH Rise, let’s take a look at its official description.


Thunderbugs which have been stimulated by Zinogre. They emit a pale blue light.

How To Obtain Fulgurbug in Monster Hunter Rise

MH Rise Fulgurbug location guide


Since Zinogre is available in both Low and High-rank versions, you can easily hunt it down and obtain the precious item, Fulgurbug.

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According to its official description, it stimulates Fulgurbugs. To make this happen, you will have to complete the quest or gather shiny dropped items from the ground while fighting with Zinogre.  What all you need to do is keep fighting until you hit the monster from the back. Once you have successfully done this, make sure to sheathe your weapon and walk over to its fallen back.


When you get close to Zinogre, a message will appear on the screen to indicate that you can click A (as shown in the featured image). When you do this on repeat, you will get a lot of Fulgurbugs. If you want to have a lot of Fulgurbugs in MH Rise, make sure to do it whenever Zinogre falls on the ground.

Once you have obtained enough Fulgurbug in Monster Hunter Rise, you can use it as a forging material. Yes, you read that right. Fulgurbug can be used to not only craft but also upgrade weapons and armor in MH Rise.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Fulgurbug in Monster Hunter Rise. While here, you may also like to read about how to get and farm Thunderbugs in Monster Hunter Rise.