How To Get Great Wirebugs In Monster Hunter Rise

Want a shortcut to reach a particular level of the map without using your own wirebugs?

Great Wirebugs are larger forms of standard wirebugs in The Monster Hunter franchise introduced in Monster Hunter Rise. With slightly different functionalities than a standard wirebug, the great wirebug can help you navigate the map with long-distance coverage and take you higher above the ground than a standard one. They can prove to be a great addition to your hunter tool kit.

How to Get Great Wirebugs in MHR

Great Wirebugs Monster Hunter Rise

A short dialogue with Senior Hunter Hanenaga will earn you free great wirebugs. He is a member of the Kamura village and you can find him on the right side of the bridge leading to the Buddy Plaza. An initial conversation with him can earn you 11 great wirebugs and 6 on the second one. You can keep revisiting Hanenaga for more great wirebugs after the initial ones. You will have to complete his delivery missions which are pretty basic and simple. A blue chat bubble should pop up which indicates that you can start a conversation with Hanenaga. The more regions you unlock in the campaign, the more you can complete his requests.

The requests look like below:

  1. Endemic Life: Rock Lizard! Take a picture of a Rock Lizard
  2. 20 Endemic Lifeforms Discovered! Discover 20 Endemic Lifeforms
  3. 30 Endemic Lifeforms Discovered! Discover 30 Endemic Lifeforms
  4. The maps are already dotted with a few great wirebugs too which can be acquired by exploring the maps.

How to Use Great Wirebugs in Monster Hunter Rise

Great wirebugs are attracted to Jewel Lilies which means that once you obtain the great wirebugs you can just anchor them over these jewel lily plants. Simply find the flowers which are blue in color and have a blue colored dust channeling out of them indicating that you can anchor your great wirebugs there. You can keep coming back to them as they will permanently be at the same spot and can be used as many times as a shortcut. Want to know more about how to use wirebugs in Monster Hunter Rising them refer the link.

The great wirebugs not only allow you to up your skills in the game but also help you navigate the uncharted territories in the game in search of jewel lilies. All in all, it is a win-win to acquire and retain these creatures in the game.

That is all of this guide on great wirebugs. For more on Monster Hunter Rise, check out our full list of guides right here on Gamer Tweak.