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Monster Hunter Rise: How To Get To The Training Area

Not able to find the Training area in Monster Hunter Rise? We'll show you where to go.

Living up to the name of the franchise, Monster Hunter Rise offers an array of new weapons for players and a Training area to test the weapons and formulate new techniques because “trying” them against monsters wouldn’t be bright. Even though the training area is a crucial aspect of this game, players are not directly guided towards it and it is on them to find it. This is where we step in and tell the gamers how to reach the Training area in MH Rise.


How to Find the Training Area in Monster Hunter Rise?

Monster Hunter Rise Training Area

Follow these steps to get to the Training area location in Monster Hunter Rise:

  1. Players need to press the minus button to open the map and Quick travel to Buddy Plaza.
  2. From Buddy Plaza, players need to go to the end of the map towards the big boat but when reaching towards the big boat look for the small boat on the side.
  3. After getting on the small boat, press the move button which will lead them to the training area.

After reaching the Training area, it will be added to your Fast travel option so you don’t have to travel all the way or take the boat every time you won’t try out new weapons. Players can access the fast travel option by pressing the minus tab. With new weapons introduced in Monster Hunter Rise, the training area comes in handy in testing out all the weapons new and old for all the new players as well as the veterans. The veterans can combine their old tricks with new features whereas the new players have a lot to explore.

What can I do in the Training Area in MHR?


There’s a lot you can try and master in the Training area before you go on a hunt. Players can try some weapons and techniques on the big mechanized toad sitting at the center of the training area or practice their wire-bug moves on the ropes hanging all around the Training area. A Shooting area is also at the disposal of players to help them increase their accuracy.

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