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How To Get Acute Fang In Monster Hunter Rise

Find out how to get the Acute Fang in Monster Hunter Rise.

The Acute Fang is a special material in Monster Hunter Rise. It drops from various monsters in the game. As you might have noticed by now, the Acute Fang comes from the fang of monsters. MHR describes it as “Fangs come in many shapes and sizes. This one is small but can still pierce scale”. You can get the Acute Fang after carving the bodies of monsters you defeat. In this guide, we tell you how to get and farm the Acute Fang in MH Rise.

How to farm Acute Fang in Monster Hunter Rise


Monster Hunter Rise Acute Fang
The Acute Fang drops from various different monsters in the game.

The Acute Fang drops from the following monsters:

  • Zamite
  • Delex
  • Gajjau
  • Wroggi
  • Baggi
  • Jaggi 
  • Jaggia
  • Bullfango


On average, there is a 15% chance that this item drops from these monsters after you carve their bodies. These are High-Rank small monsters that you need to carve.

You can even get the Acute Fang from one of these quests in the game:

  • Even Cute Things Have Fangs
  • The Frost Islands Arena
  • Dancing A-purr-ition
  • Charmed by a Queen
  • Go Away, Pukei!
  • Rotten Fruit
  • Closer Than it Appears


The Acute Fang has a higher chance of dropping from quests and requests. Going on expeditions especially to hunt these monsters is the best method to farm the Acute Fang.

Items that use the Acute Fang



  • Keen Edge II
  • Canine Katana I


  • Arzuros Greaves S
  • Baggi Coil S
  • Bone Coil S
  • Bone Greaves S
  • D. Stench Bowels S
  • Bone Mail S
  • Death Stench Heel S
  • Kulu-Ya-Ku Greaves S
  • Rhenoplos Brace S
  • Skull Visage S
  • Uroktor Coil S
  • Jaggi Mask S
  • Jaggi Gauntlet S

Armor Sets:

  • Arzuros S Set
  • Baggi S Set
  • Bone S Set
  • Death Stench S Set
  • Jaggi Mask S Set
  • Jaggi S Set
  • Kulu S Set
  • Skull S Set
  • Rhenoplos S Set
  • Uroktor S Set

This is everything you need to know about how to get and farm Acute Fang in Monster Hunter Rise. Do not miss out on our guides about how to get Mighty Bow Feather and how to get Novacrystal.