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How To Get Novacrystal In Monster Hunter Rise

Find out how to get Novacrystal in Monster Hunter Rise

Novacrystal is an important gem resource in Monster Hunter Rise. It is very important in crafting items such as Armor, Weapons, and Armor sets. MHR describes it as, “A shining crystal found in places like the Flooded Forest. Only used in the finest crafts”. These Novacrystals spawn in only one single map in MHR. They are only available in High-Rank quests in the game, unfortunately. This makes it a very rare resource to farm in the game. In this guide, we tell you how to get and farm Novacrystals in MH Rise.

How to farm Novacrystal In Monster Hunter Rise


Monster Hunter Rise Novacrystals
Find the Novacrystals in the Flooded Forest.
  • You can get the Novacrystal exclusively in the Flooded Forest biome only.
  • The Novacrystal can drop from two plants in the Flooded Forest map.
  • The Blue Mining Crop and White Mining Crop have a chance of dropping the Novacrystal.
  • There are 14 locations in total that have the probability of dropping Novacrystals.
  • The first location is as soon as you enter Sector 1 through the camp.
  • There are 5 plants in the pyramid in Sectors 2 & 3.
  • Three of these are inside the second level of the pyramid.
  • Two plants are behind the pyramid along the border wall.
  • There are 2 plants in Sector 10.
  • One more is nearby in Sector 4.
  • After that, there is one nearby in Sector 9.
  • Sector 11 has the largest drop probability with 4 mining outcrops.
  • There is a better chance of the White Mining Crops dropping Novacrystals rather than the Blue Mining Crops.

Items you can make with Novacrystals



  • Almudron Vambraces S
  • Channeler’s Hope S
  • Channeler’s Hakama S
  • Chrome Metal Coil
  • Chrome Metal Boots
  • Ingot Mail S
  • Jelly Hat S
  • Medium’s Prayer S
  • Medium’s Hakama S
  • Shell-studded Vest S
  • Basarios Vambraces S

Armor Sets:


  • Almudron S Set
  • Basarios S Set
  • Channeler’s S Set
  • Chroma Metal Set
  • Ingot S Set
  • Jelly S Set
  • Medium S Set
  • Shell-Studded S Set


  • Cat’s Soul II
  • Chillblade II
  • Devil Slicer
  • Julienne Blade
  • Paladire
  • Soporific Shellblade
  • Altair II


This is everything you need to know about how to get Novacrystal in Monster Hunter Rise. While you are here have a look at some Great Stoutbones location or how to farm Altaroth Jaws.