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Monster Hunter Rise Altaroth Jaws And Stomachs Guide

Let's see how you can collect Altaroth's Jaws and Stomachs and make a variety of weapons in MHR.

The key to Monster Hunter Rise is not how many Monsters you beat, but how quickly and effectively you beat them and move ahead. To beat the Monsters faster, players need to use the right resources to build the right weapons, depending on the capabilities of the Monsters. Altaroth’s Jaws and Stomachs are the main ingredients for many weapons and armors which you cannot miss. So read till the end to know how to get the Altaroth Jaws and Stomachs in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to get and farm Altaroth Jaws and Stomachs?


Monster Hunter Rise Altaroth Guide

Altaroth is rare to come across so players need to be alert while locating them. Some Altaroths can be found near the lake in Frost Islands so make sure you look there. Do not directly use your weapons on the Altaroths as it will kill them and you will only get the dropped materials and lose out on the opportunity of carving some materials out of their bodies.

Use the Poison Explosives and throw them on the ground, the Altaroths will walk over it and die as they have very little health. This way you can carve items out of their bodies along with the dropped materials. Once done here players should head towards the west in Frost Islands where they can find more Altaroths and repeat the process.


The Jaws and the Stomachs of these colorful ant-like creatures can be used to craft many armors and weapons like the Serrated Maw, the Bnahabra suit, and the Mosgharl Foila. Diversified weaponry like this will surely help you defeat the monsters quickly, and move on to the next. We recommend you to explore Frost Island first as you can find more Altaroths there comparatively so remember to look at other areas as well.

That’s all for this guide on how to get and farm Altaroth Jaws and Stomachs in MH Rise. To know more about other essential resources and drops in the game, check out our Monster Hunter Rise guides on Gamer Tweak.