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How To Get And Use Armortalon In Monster Hunter Rise

Find out more about the Armortalon in MH Rise.

The Armortalon is a major defensive boost in Monster Hunter Rise. This boost is an important buff to have in the game. It gives additional defensive stats to your character. This helps protect the players from the monsters’ attacks and poison. With this boost equipped, you can be a bit reckless with your attacks. Like the Powertalon this feature too has been carried over from previous titles in the series. Just like the Powertalon this feature also unlocks in High-Rank. In this guide, we tell you the uses as well as where and how to get the Armortalon in MH Rise.

How to get Armortalon in Monster Hunter Rise


Monster Hunter Armortalon
Unlock this important resource in MHR.

To get the Armortalon in MHR follow these steps:

  • The first step you will have to undertake is to get up to High-Rank.
  • Secondly, you have to purchase an ArmorCharm from the Merchant.
  • This ArmorCharm will only be available after you complete the Apex Arzuros Urgent Quest.
  • The cost of this ArmorCharm is 24000 Zenny.
  • If possible purchase 2 ArmorCharms.
  • Now you can craft 1 ArmorCharm into an Armortalon.
  • To craft an Armortalon you need to have 1 Ibushi Claw + and a High-Rank item.
  • Ibushi Claw + has an 80% drop chance if you break the wing of the Ibushi monster.
  • Any shiny materials the Ibushi drops will also have a 20% chance of being an Ibushi Claw +.
  • The other ArmorCharm will provide an additional defense boost.


What does the Armortalon do in MHR

The Armortalon provides a boost in defense stats by 12 units. Combined with an additional ArmorCharm this defense stat will go up by an additional 18 units. This makes it easier to defend against monsters and their attacks. With this equipped in your inventory, you will be able to get even closer while performing your attacks. Having an Armor Charm and Armortalon will provide a 30 + defense boost together. The Powertalon and PowerCharm together provide a +15 attack boost.

This is everything you need to know about how to get the Armortalon in Monster Hunter Rise. You can also learn about the Toxic Kumori or find out how to get the Sinister Cloth in MH Rise.