Monster Hunter Rise Money Guide: How To Farm Zenny In MH Rise

Here's how to farm Zenny fast in Monster Hunter Rise.

Zenny is the universal form of currency in the MH universe. There are different ways you can earn it in the game. But after a certain point, you will find yourself grinding quests back to back to collect more of it. This makes many players wonder, is there any easier way to farm money in MHR? So today let us try to look at how to farm Zenny fast in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) in this money guide.

How to Get More Zenny Fast in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise)?

To farm money or more commonly known as Zenny in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise), you need to follow below steps:

By Completing Quests

The best way from the early game to collect money is by completing quests. Before accepting any hunts, you can see how much money it will offer you as a reward. The only main thing to get the maximum rewards is to buy enough healing items to make sure not to faint in a hunt. Fainting reduces your Zenny reward drastically, so stay alive till the end of the hunt and successfully complete it.

Collect Bandit Mantle

Complete the side quest Redefining the Power Couple. This will ask you to hunt both Rathian and Rathalos in the region of the Ancient Forest. Once you complete the quest you will receive the Bandit Mantle. Throwing a Bandit Mantle on any monster during a hunt will make them drop rare items that you can use to trade. These trade-in items can be sold to provisions for some additional Zenny every time you complete a hunt.

Complete Quests Solo

Monster Hunter Rise Money Guide How To Farm Zenny In MH Rise

MH Rise is meant to more fun and enjoyable to be played in co-op with your party. But the issue we face here that the difficulty of the hunt will be scaled up but the quest rewards will be the same and will be split between every member. So it’s better to complete a high reward hunt solo for more money.

Craft Don’t Buy

Try to avoid purchasing items with your Zenny. Many of the items in the game can be easily crafted with plants and other items openly available on the map. So it’s better to craft them for your conception than buying them. You will save a ton of money slowly.

Pick Up Account Items

Account Items will be converted to Zenny and Kamura points at the end of every quest. So make sure not to leave any account items behind once you finish a quest.

Sell Extra Items

Unless a monster part is rare, you need to sell to a vendor as much as possible to earn a lot of money. The more you play the game, the more materials and items will start to pile up in your slots. Most of these items will be just sitting idle in your collection and won’t be having any use other than to be sold.

Sell Rare Crystals

You can use your Kamura Points to buy rare items from Argosy. You can also buy rare crystals using your Kamura Points and sell them each for 1000 Zenny each. Pretty sweet we would say.

Use Dango Money Maker

Make sure to check out your canteen to make sure daily special Wealthy Man is active. Eating the Dango Money Maker will allow you to collect 30% more Zenny for every quest you complete. So make sure to complete high reward quests during those days.

Use Plunderblades

Plunderblades are one of the best Palico Gadgets you can get in the game. This gadget will allow your Palico to jump on top of a monster and continuously attack it. This will make the monster drop the rare items it holds. So make sure to collect all of them and trade them for some good Zenny amounts.

That’s everything you need to know about how to farm Zenny fast in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) in this money guide. While you are here make sure to read other Monster Hunter Rise Guides like:

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