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Where to Find Electro Sac in Monster Hunter Rise?

Here is how to get a Level-4 rarity item required to build a Khezu armor set

Killing Monster allows you to harness their body parts which later can be used to build and upgrade armors. It is also part of the progression system, killing new monsters will level you up and unlocks the way to harness tougher materials. Electro Sac is one of them, Level-4 rarity items used for crafting Khezu armor set. This rare item can store electricity and is harness from a monster’s organ.  In this guide, I will help you with finding the right monster how can drop Electro Sac In Monster Hunter Rise.

Electro Sac Location

Monster Hunter Rise Electro Sac

You will have to unlock a 3-star quest in-order to reach a point to farm Electro Sac. Complete all the previous quest’s to unlock a 3-star quest in Monster Hunter rise. Look for the Faceless Foe quest where you will fight Kehzu in the Frost Lands. You can also find this monster in Lava Caverns. Khezu falls under the Flying Wyvern species and is weak to Fire. This monster’s common attack pattern is it will cling to the wall and attack you with electricity. Use wire dash to reach Khenzu and attack.

With a 2-star threat level, Khezu is not a tough-to-beat monster. Bring a Trap and a couple of Tranq Bombs for the hunt. Focus more on trapping the monster which increases your chances of getting Electro Sac. If you kill this monster there is 18% you can get the drop. While trapping has 18% additional chances so make sure you focus on trapping first.

To trap this monster you will have to wait until he is weak enough. You will see a blue icon on the top right corner indicating you can capture the Khezu. Place the trap and wait for a while, after the monster steps on it throw the Tranq Bombs on it. You will earn Target and Special capture rewards. Both maximize your chances of getting Electro Sac.

Another monster that drops electro-sac is Tobi-Kadachi. It can be found on the upper floors of the Ancient Forest. Harvesting monsters organ is an important task in the game. Using this you can unlock new items and upgrade your armor to the best.