How To Get Powertalon In Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

Find out what is Powertalon used for in Monster Hunter Rise.

The Powertalon is a must-have for all players as it provides permanent boosts in Monster Hunter Rise. With the Powertalon you can permanently boost your attack stats. However, this item is only unlocked once you get to the High-Rank. This is one characteristic that has been carried over from previous versions of the game. It is quite a handy buff as it doesn’t require you to use it in any form. Just having it equipped is enough to give you a leg up. In this guide, we will show you how to get the Powertalon in MH Rise.

How to get the Powertalon in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise Powertalon
Learn more about the uses of the Powertalon in MHR.

Follow these steps to get the Powertalon in MH Rise.

  • The first step obviously is to get up to High-Rank.
  • Next, you have to purchase a Power Charm from the Merchant.
  • This Power Charm will only be available after you complete the Apex Arzuros Urgent Quest.
  • The cost of this Power Charm is 36000 Zenny.
  • If possible purchase 2 Power Charms.
  • Now you can craft 1 Power Charm into a Powertalon.
  • To craft a Powertalon you need to have 1 Ibushi Claw + and a High-Rank item.
  • Ibushi Claw + has an 80% drop chance if you break the wing of the Ibushi monster.
  • The other Power Charm will provide an additional attack boost.

What does the Powertalon do in MHR

The Powertalon provides a boost in attack stats by 9 units. Combined with an additional Power Charm this attack stat will go up by 15. This makes it easier to kill monsters and deal additional damage. All this means that you will get through fights and stages easier and faster. Having an Armor Charm and Armortalon will provide a 30 + defense boost.

This is everything you need to know about how to get the Powertalon in Monster Hunter Rise. Do not miss out on how to obtain Pale bones or where to get Stargazer Flowers.