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Where To Get Stargazer Flowers In Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

Learn where to find Stargazer Flowers in MH Rise.

The Stargazer Flower is a very rare resource in Monster Hunter Rise. This item can be very hard to find in the game. In fact, getting this item will be a team effort with your buddies. The confusion also stems from the fact that these items are also known as Stargazer Bloom. The Stargazer Flowers are most notably used to craft the Edel Armor set. In this guide, we will tell you where and how to get Stargazer Flowers in MH Rise.

 How to get Stargazer Flowers in Monster Hunter Rise


Monster Hunter Rise Stargazer Flowers
Find this rare resource in the game with some help.

To get Stargaze Flower you will have to interact with Kogarashi in the Buddy Plaza Area of Kamura village. With the help of Kogarashi and Meowcenaries, you will be able to obtain this rare resource. When you are browsing the Scouting menu for Meowcenaries you will see that certain locations have a blue star mark next to them. This mark identifies the presence of rare resources in that specific map. The best location to send the Meowcenaries to is Frost Islands which has rare plant resources.

You can even send your own buddies along on the missions. Doing so will also ensure a higher drop rate for rare items. For this, you will have to give up some of your account points. So it makes sense to have completed some quests beforehand which ask for account items such as Firelanterns or Wyvern Eggs. You can even use a Lagniapple which will ensure you get the item you desire. This helps increase the drop chance and quantity. Once the Meowcenaries come back from their expedition, MHR will notify you accordingly.


Items that use Stargazer Flowers

Armor Items:

  • Edel Vizor S
  • Edel Ribplate S
  • Edel Creeper S
  • Edel Folia S
  • Edel Roots S


Armor Sets

  • Edel Armor Set

This is everything you need to know about where and how to farm Stargazer Flowers in Monster Hunter Rise. Do not miss out on another important resource called Monster’s Broth and if that is too gross for you look up how to get Fucium Ore.