How To Get Quality Wyvern Egg In Monster Hunter Rise

Find out more about Wyvern Eggs in MH Rise.

Quality Wyvern Eggs are an important resource in Monster Hunter Rise. They fall under Special Items and Account Items in MHR. This makes them unique and thus the best way to obtain them is in the specific task. The game also doesn’t really explain what to do with these Wyvern Eggs or how to get them. Scroll below and read this guide to know more about the Quality Wyvern Egg in MH Rise.

Where to get Quality Wyvern Egg in Monster Hunter Rise

How To Get Quality Wyvern Egg In Monster Hunter Rise
This guide will show you how to get this important resource.

To get Quality Wyvern Eggs, go to the Shrine Ruins map in MH Rise. The area with a higher probability is Sector 11 in the Shrine Ruins map. You will have to search a bit for a Wyvern’s nest in the area around. The nests can be spotted easily thankfully as they are quite huge. You can now pick up the egg.

However, unlike other items in the game, the egg doesn’t actually go into the inventory. You actually have to carry it around carefully. This is very tricky as you have to save yourself from enemy attacks all while your speed is reduced. You also can’t in any way damage the egg. Unlike other Account items, this one doesn’t get directly deposited when you collect it. You have to actually take the Wyvern Egg back to the Base camp at the start of the map and place it in the Supply/Item Box there.

The rewards for undertaking this task are pretty good too. You get Account points for undamaged eggs which get converted into Kamura points in MH Rise. You can use these points on a number of items such as Dreamshells.

When you get to High-Rank there is even a quest called Only the Good Eggs. In this quest, you will be tasked with getting two Wyvern eggs. The reward for completing this request is the Berry Safe Dango drink.

This is everything you need to know about How to get Quality Wyvern Eggs in Monster Hunter Rise. Do not miss out on the Fungal Frustrations guide and also learn where to get another High-Rank item, the piercing claws.