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Where To Find Piercing Claws In Monster Hunter Rise

Piercing Claws location in MH Rise.

Piercing Claws is a High-Rank resource in Monster Hunter Rise. It is very rare and is used only for high-rank items in the game. MHR describes it as “Dangerous to touch with bare hands, it’s used as a knife in some workshops”. The Piercing Claws are an item that you won’t need early on in the game. However, as you progress through the game it is a necessary resource while upgrading items. Unfortunately, there isn’t any clear instruction as to where to get this resource. In this guide, we show you the locations where you can get Piercing Claws in MH Rise.

How to get Piercing Claws in Monster Hunter Rise


Monster Hunter Rise Piercing Claws
Find this high-rank resource in MHR.

Piercing Claws are dropped by 5 members of the Wyvern Class. These five members are Jagras, Izuchi, Uroktor, Ludroth, and Rachnoids. You will have to hunt the smaller versions of these monsters, however. The Larger or Greater versions won’t drop the same. You will have to find the smaller versions of these monsters and slay them. Once you have done that you have to carve the monsters.

Once you carve these monsters they will drop a Piercing Claw item. Sometimes it might take multiple carvings to do that. The monsters in the Lava Caverns seem to have a higher drop rate than others. However, if you want to farm large quantities of Piercing Claws it is best to undertake a quest asking you to hunt that animal. Within such quests, the drop rates do go up by a good margin allowing you to farm these rare items with ease. During such quests even the number of monsters in that area increases.


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Items made from Piercing Claws



  • Felyne Claws I


  • Bone Helm S
  • Bone Vambraces S
  • Droth Coil S
  • Droth Mail S
  • Ludroth Mail S
  • Izuchi Braces S
  • Ludroth Coil S
  • Ludroth Greaves S

This is everything you need to know about where to get Piercing Claws in Monster Hunter Rise. While you are looking for Piercing Claws even scout some Gracium locations or learn how to easily get the Eroded Skeleton in MH Rise.