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How To Get Decorations In Monster Hunter Rise

Having difficulties finding Decorations In Monster Hunter Rise? Make sure to check the entire list right here

Decorations in Monster Hunter Rise are gems other perks that you can add to your armors or weapons in the game. While the name does make it sound that these decoratives are there for just aesthetics, they do have special perks that will help you to get bonuses and other effects in the game, if you wish to know more about decorations in Monster Hunter Rise, make sure to check it out right here.

Where To Find Decorations In Monster Hunter Rise


To get decorations in Monster Hunter Rise, you will need to find Gems. These gems in the game can be obtained via various methods, you can get them at NPC traders, monster drops, or simply by mining. Each weapon or armor set in the game has a decoration set with the skill level attached to it. If you have a level 2 decoration slot, you can only add a level 2 gem or a level 1. You can stack up gems to add their perks and get upgraded benefits.

how to get decorations in monster hunter ride
Decorations in Monster Hunter Rise will help you upgrade your weapons and armors in the game

Entire List Of Decorations In Monster Hunter Rise


Name Effects Crafting Materials
Satiated Jewel 1 Free Meal Aquaglow Jewel x2, Suspicious Fang+ x2, Kulu-Ya-Ku Beak+ x1
Hungerless Jewel 1 Hunger Resistance Aquaglow Jewel x1, Tetranadon Beak+ x1
Carver Jewel 1 Carving Pro Aquaglow Jewel x1, Tetra Carapace+ x2
Defense Jewel 1 Defense Boost Aquaglow Jewel x2, Basarios Carapace x2, Barroth Ridge+ x1
Blaze Jewel 1 Fire Attack Aquaglow Jewel x2, Rathian Scale+ x2, Inferno Sac x1
Stream Jewel 1 Water Attack Aquaglow Jewel x2, Jyuratodus Carapace x2, Torrent Sac x1
Bolt Jewel 1 Thunder Attack Aquaglow Jewel x2, Pearl Hide x2, Thunder Sac x1
Frost Jewel 1 Ice Attack Aquaglow Jewel x2, Lagombi Pelt+ x2, Great Baggi Claw+ x2
Dragon Jewel 1 Dragon Attack Aquaglow Jewel x2, Rathian Carapace x2, Dragonbone Relic x1
Bomber Jewel 1 Bombardier Aquaglow Jewel x1, Inferno Sac x1, Magna Ghostprism x2
Slider Jewel 1 Affinity Sliding Aquaglow Jewel x1, Lagombi Plastron+ x1, Spongy Hide+ x1
Venom Jewel 1 Poison Attack Aquaglow Jewel x2, Pukei-Pukei Scale+ x2, Toxin Sac x1
Drain Jewel 1 Stamina Thief Aquaglow Jewel x1, Barroth Claw+ x2
Sonorous Jewel 1 Horn Maestro Aquaglow Jewel x1, Pukei-Pukei Sac+ x1
Recovery Jewel 1 Recovery Speed Aquaglow Jewel x1, Jyuratodus Fin+ x2
Grinder Jewel 1 Speed Sharpening Aquaglow Jewel x2, Rath Wingtalon+ x2, Great Izuchi Tail+ x1
Fire Resistance Jewel 1 Fire Resistance +1 Aquaglow Jewel x1, Aknosom Scale+ x2
Water Resistance Jewel 1 Water Resistance +1 Aquaglow Jewel x1, Tetranadon Hide+ x2
Thunder Resistance Jewel 1 Thunder Resistance +1 Aquaglow Jewel x1, Pearl Hide x2
Ice Resistance Jewel 1 Ice Resistance +1 Aquaglow Jewel x1, Lagombi Frozenclaw x2
Dragon Resistance Jewel 1 Dragon Resistance +1 Aquaglow Jewel x1, Monster Keenbone x2, Dragonhusk Shard x2
Antidote Jewel 1 Poison Resistance +1 Aquaglow Jewel x1, Great Wroggi Hide+ x2, Wroggi Scale+ x2
Antipara Jewel 1 Paralysis Resistance +1 Aquaglow Jewel x1, Bnahabra Carapace x3, Bnahabra Stinger x1
Pep Jewel 1 Sleep Resistance +1 Aquaglow Jewel x1, Great Baggi Hide+ x2, Baggi Scale+ x2
Antiblast Jewel 1 Blast Resistance +1 Aquaglow Jewel x1, Inferno Sac x2, Bombadgy Igniter x2
Botany Jewel 1 Botanist Aquaglow Jewel x1, Great Izuchi Pelt+ x2
Geology Jewel 1 Geologist Aquaglow Jewel x1, Kulu-Ya-Ku Scale+ x2
Dive Jewel 1 Leap of Faith Aquaglow Jewel x1, Bullfango Pelt+ x2, Stoutbone x1
Diversion Jewel 1 Diversion Aquaglow Jewel x1 + Remobra Hide+ x3
Muck Jewel 1 Muck Resistance Aquaglow Jewel x1, Lagombi Plastron+ x2, Barroth Shell x1
Medicine Jewel 2 Recovery Up Aquaglow Jewel x2, Basarios Pleura+ x2, Ancient Potion x1
Enduring Jewel 2 Item Prolonger Aquaglow Jewel x1, Royal Ludroth Scale+ x2
Fortitude Jewel 2 Fortify Aquaglow Jewel x1, Arzuros Carapace x2
Rodeo Jewel 2 Master Mounter Aquaglow Jewel x1, Aknosom Feather+ x2
Physique Jewel 2 Constitution Aquaglow Jewel x2, Volvi Carapace x3, Fucium Ore x1

These are all the decorative materials that you can get in Monster Hunter Rise and what effect they provide. While there are other things that too will help you get items that can help you get better gear and weapons in the game like, Remobra Hide. If you wish, you can check out where to find Remobra in Monster Hunter Rise here. Make sure to check them out and also see which is the best beginner’s weapon in Monster Hunter Rise right here on Gamer Tweak.