Monster Hunter Rise: Best Beginner Weapon That You Should Pick

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The best beginner weapon in Monster Hunter Rise will give you a strong base to start off with, having a nice and well-balanced weapon will help you progress much faster than something that is not suited to you. There are tons of options to choose from in the game and below we’ve shown all the best beginner weapons in Monster Hunter Rise.

What Is The Best Beginner Weapon In Monster Hunter Rise

Weapons like the Great Sword, Hammer, and Light Bowgun are the best starting weapon in Monster Hunter Rise, depending on your playstyle you should pick up the weapon that you’re most comfortable with and they will provide you with simple combos that you can use to take down even the mightiest of the enemies.

best beginners weapons in monster hunter rise
The best beginner weapons in Monster Hunter Rise are the Great Sword, Hammer and Bow Gun

Here are all the best beginner weapons in Monster Hunter Rise:

Great Sword

The Great Sword, is great for those players who like to jump into the battle and out of it immediately. This mighty weapon is perfect for beginners as when mastered, it will help them progress a lot in the Monster Hunter Rise. While using the weapon may seem slow at first, the powerful attacks will more than likely help you balance it out.

Using the Great Sword as a beginner weapon will also help you to understand the game’s mechanics and how timing works.

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Hammer like the Great Sword is a slow weapon but has a mighty punch when you pound your enemies with it, it has a simple combo and high attack power that will enable you to smash anyone who stands in your path. The only downside to this weapon is the fact that unless you aim for the head, there’s not much damage that this weapon causes.

Unless you’re precise with your attacks in Monster Hunter Rise, we think that you should opt for either of the two weapons. This can be one of the best beginner weapons in the right hands.

Light Bowgun

This long-ranged weapon is popular as it lets you take out enemies from a faraway distance without having to jump into the battle. The combos are difficult and learning to master this weapon will surely take some time, but other than that there’s not much wrong that can go when using this weapon.

These are the best starter weapon in Monster Hunter Rise that we recommend you try out when playing the game. These weapons are versatile and there’s always something that you will find which will offset the weaknesses and give you something to look forward to. This too can be the best beginner weapons in Monster Hunter Rise, but there’s a huge learning curve to it.

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