Monster Hunter Rise Fucium Ore Guide: How To Find And Farm Rare Material

Here's a quick guide on where to find and how to farm Fucium Ore in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise has plenty of materials to farm and obtain but what has left everyone scratching their head is Fucium Ore. Obtaining Fucium Ore in MH Rise is a bit complicated because it can only be obtained in High-Rank content.

When you play MH Rise for a few hours, you will find a lot of previous materials less important. Since Fucium Ore is used to upgrading a lot of weapons, and some armor pieces, tons of players have been wondering how and where to farm it in Monster Hunter Rise.

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If you too are having difficulty farming Furioum Ore in MH Rise then don’t worry, we have a guide covering every step in the easiest way possible.

Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Fucium Ore

Before we explain how to obtain Fucium Ore, let me tell you that it is one of the rarest resources in Monster Hunter Rise that you will need to progress in the game’s difficult part. There are three High-Rank versions of maps available in MH Rise — Flooded Forest, Sandy Plains, and Lava Caverns maps. These are some locations where you will most probably find Fucuium Ore in MH Rise.

To get access to any High-Rank version of the map in MH Rise, you will have to reach 6 Star Level with village quests and complete three special license missions. Once you are done completing these missions, you will be able to take on High-Rank quests, taking all your skill as a monster hunter.

After visiting any of the above-mentioned High-Rank versions of the map, you will have to search for white and blue mineral outcrops to farm Fucium Ore. As compared to white, blue mineral outcrops are found in large numbers in the said maps.

There is no denying that each and every High-Rank version of the map has plenty of blue and white mineral outcrops to farm Fucium Ore but I highly recommend visiting the Sandy Plans because it can easily be accessed.

Make sure to have your Geologist skills at level 3 because it will increase the amount of the number each mining blue and white outcrop yields when you smack it. If you want to get everything done in less time, make sure to visit the right side of the Lava Caverns as the outcrops spawn in tighter clusters in MH Rise.

You simply need to visit these spots a couple of times during hunts to get the ore that you will need to make some slammin’ gear.

That’s all you need to know about Fucium Ore’s location and how to farm it in Monster Hunter Rise. While here, you may also like to read about the Carbalite Ore or how to get charms in MHR.