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How To Complete The Roly-Poly Lantern Request In Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

Locations for the Roly-Poly Lantern request in Monster Hunter Rise

The Roly-Poly lantern quest is one of the first requests you will come across in Monster Hunter Rise. In this request, you will be asked to find some Firelanterns. To complete this quest you will need to find a special type of berry in one of the maps. These berries fall under account items. Account items are described as items that will be directly delivered upon gathering them. When you get a request for such account items you can find them under Special Items. In this guide, we will show you how to complete the Roly-Poly Lantern request and tell you the Firelantern locations in MH Rise.


What are the Firelantern Locations for the Roly-Poly request in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise Roly-Poly Lantern
Follow this map for locations of the Firelanterns.
  • The Firelanterns are found in the Shrine Ruins map.
  • There are 10 locations in the Shrine Ruins map where you can find the Firelanterns.
  • To make it easy to get these lanterns make sure you are only on the Roly-Poly lantern quest.
  • Do not choose to go on another quest while you are completing the Roly-Poly lantern request.
  • Open the Shrine Ruins map in MHR.
  • Click on the Special Items option.
  • Look for the ‘Shimmering Red Berry’ option.
  • Click on the Shimmering Red Berry button and the game will highlight the locations.
  • These Berries drop Firelanterns.
  • There are a total of 10 Shimmering Red Berries in the Shrine Ruins map.

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In the usual gameplay mode when you aren’t on a quest these berries will mostly drop Wisplantern. On the Roly-Poly quest however they will exclusively drop Firelanterns. You need to collect 8 to complete the Roly-Poly quest. As it is an account item you don’t have to drop the Firelanterns off at any place. Once you have collected 8, the quest will be completed automatically. The Shimmering Red Berry is….um…a red plant. It is rather easy to spot but can be found on cliffs. You can use your steed to climb up such rock facades or use the Wirebugs.

This is the complete guide on Firelantern Locations for the Roly-Poly request in Monster Hunter Rise. You can even have a look at how to look good in the game by hiding your helmet or learn how to get scrap in MH Rise.