How To Get Scrap In MHR

Here's how to get Monster Scrap that you can use to get and upgrade Buddy Armor as well as Weapons.

As a Monster Hunter, your main intention in MHR is to get better and stronger so that you can face and take down dangerous monsters further ahead. But you won’t be alone in this journey – there will be your Palico and Palamute as your companions or Buddies that will help you in combat. To ensure that you give them the best Buddy armor and weapons, you need to have the material required to get them and that’s Scrap. So, here’s how to Get Scrap in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR).

How to Get Monster Scrap in MH Rise

how to get Scrap for Palico Palamute Weapons & Armor

To find Scrap in Monster Hunter Rise, all you have to do is hunt down or capture Monsters. Depending on the Monster you slay, you may get the associated Scrap. So, beating monsters like Aknosom, Baggi, Lagombi will get you Aknosom Scrap, Baggi Scrap and Lagombi Scrap respectively. These will come in handy to get the weapons Canyne Aknosom Pennon, Canyne Baggi Baton and Canyne Lagombi Doll.

When you upgrade the armor and weapons for your Palico and Palamute, they will end up being more beneficial during fights. You can protect them better and give them better weapons and gear with the help of scraps. As you play the game, you will also stumble upon the simple Humble Scraps along with Monster Scraps.

With the required materials collected, you have to head to the Smithy present in Kamura Village who is the Buddy Smithy. Note that you will also need Zenny in various amounts to upgrade – here’s how to farm Zenny fast if you don’t have enough.

So, that’s all you need to know about how to get Scrap in Monster Hunter Rise that will help you upgrade Buddy weapons and armor. If any Monster fights are giving you a real headache and you are looking for tips and tricks to beat them, look no further. Check out our boss guides below: