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How To Capture A Monster In Monster Hunter Rise

Learn how to capture a monster in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise allows you to capture the monsters that you fight against in the game. Capturing a monster in MHR can have its own benefits as it can get you various bonuses. There are even specific quests in the game which ask you to capture certain monsters. However, we should warn you beforehand that this information is based on Monster Hunter World gameplay. Monster Hunter Rise will launch on the 26th of March and we will update this article accordingly if any changes are seen. Scroll and read below to know how to capture a monster in MHR.

How to capture a Monster in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)


How to capture monsters in Monster Hunter Rise
Get special bonuses by capturing the monsters instead of killing them.

Follow these steps to capture a monster in MHR.

  • Deal enough damage to the monster such that the monster is on its last legs.
  • Make sure the monster is limping away from the fight.
  • You can choose to set a Shock Trap in the path of the monster.
  • This might not work however if the monster changes its path.
  • The other trick is to follow the monster back to its nest.
  • Wait for the monster to sleep and set the Shock Trap again.
  • Tranquilize the monster using a Tranq bomb.
  • You can access the bombs by holding ‘L’ and using the ‘A’ or ‘Y’ buttons to use the Tranq bombs.
  • After this, you will have captured the monster.


You can alternate between Pitfall Traps and Shock Traps. However, the latter is more effective. To Craft a Shock Trap you will need two resources, 1 Trap Tool and 1 Thunderbug. The Tranq Bombs will need 10 Sleep Herbs ad 10 Parashrooms as resources.

This is everything you need to know about How to Capture a Monster in Monster Hunter Rise. You will need to damage the monster so you should learn how to Sharpen your Weapon. You should even know how to Heal yourself in MHR as the monsters can deal devastating damage.