Monster Hunter Rise: How To Sharpen Weapons

Find out how to Sharpen Weapons in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise is dropping on the 26th of March. The game is exclusively available for Nintendo Switch with a PC version said to be in the works. Like the other titles in this series, Monster Hunter Rise does have some characteristic mechanics that are indigenous to the game itself. One such unique aspect is the ability to sharpen weapons. Cutting vegetables with a blunt knife is hard so you can imagine how tough it might be to slay dragons and monsters. In this guide, we show you how to Sharpen Weapons in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to Sharpen Weapons in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

How to sharpen weapons in monster hunter rise.
How to make it easier to kill monsters in the game.
  • To sharpen your weapons in MHR, you need to access the Whetstone in your inventory.
  • The Whetstone is available in the Item Bar or the Radial Bar.
  • Press the ‘L’ button to open the Item Bar.
  • Use ‘A’ or ‘Y’ to access the whetstone.
  • Now release the ‘L’ button and click on ‘Y’ to use the whetstone.

You can actually choose to sharpen your weapon even during the fight. However, this can be a bit risky as you are vulnerable to the attacks of the monster you are facing. The other thing you can do which affords a bit more security is to mount the Palamute. By doing this you will be on the move and thus can save yourself from the enemy’s attack.

Sharpening your weapon is necessary during the match. There are different levels of sharpness. The White Class is the highest with the rest coming in this order: Blue, Yellow, Orange, and Red. You should sharpen your weapon usually when it reaches orange.

This is the guide on how to Sharpen your weapon in Monster Hero Rise. While sharpening weapons learn which is the best weapon to start out with or how to mount monsters.

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