Monster Hunter Rise: How To Beat Mizutsune Boss Guide

Find out how to defeat Mizutsune in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise has a premise that revolves around slaying mythical beasts and enemies. These monsters form the main boss enemies of the game and it is your job to hunt them down. One such monster is actually the fan-favorite Mizutsune. This boss actually initially appears in one of the prequels, Monster Hunter Generations. When the new game was announced many players were hoping for this monster to return to the series and Capcom has listened to them it seems. So if you want to defeat Mizutsune, check out our boss guide about how to beat Mizutsune in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to Defeat Mizutsune in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

How to beat Mizutsune in Monster Hunter Rise
Stay away from these dangerous bubbles!

While fighting Mizutsune you need to beware of your positioning while launching your attacks in the game. You need to position yourself close to the body of Mizutsune if you are to deal massive damage. Attacking its limbs won’t damage much. You should focus your attacks on the neck or head rather. Doing so gets almost double damage.

While attacking you also need to watch out for Mizutsune’s own attacks. There are three attacks that it performs. First is its main attack which is the water-jet attack. You will get a heads up for this attack as your character will yell out a warning. To dodge this you can hide behind any rock or object. If the attack does touch you it will deal massive damage and will likely result in you dying.

The second attack comes in the form of bubbles in the game. These bubbles are made of a sticky substance that will slow you down when it touches you. It will also cause you to slip around. To get rid of this you will have to use a ‘Cleanser’. The third attack is a water bubble which will drain your energy massively and also sap your stamina. Mizutsune will also physically attack you with its mouth or its tail. It can even make a mad dash for you which you can avoid by jumping out of its path.

So to cap it all off just make sure that you stay away from the bubbles and conceal yourself during its main attack to beat Mizutsune. Damaging its body is your best bet and the safest option too.

This is the complete boss guide about how to defeat Mizutsune in Monster Hunter Rise. Don’t forget to sharpen your weapons while fighting and even learn how to jump up walls.