How To Beat Lagombi In Monster Hunter Rise: Boss Guide

Find out how to beat the Lagombi in Monster Hunter Rise.

Lagombi is one of the bosses in Monster Hunter Rise which you will be quested to beat. The game describes it as “A fanged beast whose warm pelt and thick layers of fat help it survive in cold climates. It has exceptional hearing as well. It can glide swiftly on ice to sneak up on prey.” To the uninitiated, the Lagombi looks like a demon bunny rabbit from someone’s nightmare, and boy oh boy does it live up to that narrative. The belly of the Lagombi seems to be made especially so that it can glide along easily. It usually resides in colder regions. This boss guide will show you how to beat the Lagombi.

How to beat the Lagombi in Monster Hunter Rise

How to beat Lagombi in Monster Hunter Rise.
Fight off this evil bunny rabbit.

To beat the Lagombi try to focus your attacks on its head. This is where you can get the maximum amount of damage. By attacking the head you get double the damage than attacking the limbs and torso. However, keep your neck craned out for when the Lagombi itself attacks. Observe it initially and learn to predict its moves.

You can find Lagombi in the Frost Islands. These are cold regions which is the natural habitat for the Lagombi. The Lagombi has a good hearing capability which means it can hear over larger distances. This however can also be negative for it as it can be injured in attacks with Sonic Bombs such as the  Yian Kut-Ku.

The main attacks of the Lagombi are throwing chunks of ice, swiping with its claws, and sliding around on its belly in order to ram you. When it readies itself to ram you it is best to avoid this by moving out of the way as this attack deals huge damage to your character. Avoiding its claw attack is another important tip. This attack can easily sap your health so you need to be aware of your surroundings.

One handy tip is using a Sonic Bomb when the Lagombi is using its slide attack. This will throw it off balance and also deal massive damage. It also doesn’t like fire as it lives in a cold environment. Having a fast weapon such as a Sword is very handy against this enemy. Another thing to watch out for is its backward jump which can knock you back.

This is everything you need to know about How to Beat Lagombi in Monster Hunter Rise. While you are here do not miss out on How to Replay missions in the game as well as how to change the difficulty level.