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How To Replay Missions In Monster Hunter Rise

Here's how to repeat missions and farm monster parts in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise is all about killing or capturing huge monsters with the help of impressive builds that deal massive damage. As a reward, you get loot that you can use to get more upgrades. If you want to get your hands on some monster parts to upgrade weapons and armor, you will have to replay missions in Monster Hunter Rise. Like many other things in this game, it is not outright clear how to do that. This is where this guide comes in, keep reading to know how to replay missions in MHR.

How to Replay Missions in MHR?


how to repeat quests in monster hunter rise

You can replay missions in Monster Hunter Rise when you talk to Minoto or Hinoa. From the Village or Hub quests, you will be able to repeat a mission to grind for more monster parts. All you have to do is scroll through the list and select the mission you want to repeat. Once chosen, press on the A button and then the mission will begin. Go ahead and play it to collect the monster parts that you can use to upgrade your gear.

how to farm monster parts in MHR


Is there any limit for replaying missions in Monster Hunter Rise?

No, there isn’t, so you can grind all you want. You can farm monster parts and then move to more challenging fights with better weapons and armor equipped. This is how you can take on stronger monsters and hunt them down.

That’s everything you need to know about how to replay missions in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). While you are here, check out some more tips and tricks that will help you be a better Monster Hunter.