Monster Hunter Rise: How To Sheath Weapon

Here's how to sheath your weapons in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise has added new mechanisms like different ways to traverse the world map, moving vertically, etc. Same wise you can sheath your weapon in different ways. So today let us look at how to sheath your weapons by holstering them in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to Sheath (Put Away) Weapons in Monster Hunter Rise?

To sheath your weapon in Monster Hunter Rise you can just press Y once. Holding the Y will consume equipped items from your quick menu. That’s why some players unintentionally use items from the quick menu, as both the buttons are allotted to Y, one by pressing the key and the other by holding the key.

Monster Hunter Rise How To Sheath Weapon

The next method is by running. When you start running by holding the R button, you will collect speed and holster your weapon. You can also equip armor sets that have Quick Sheath Skill. This will allow you to keep your weapons away faster. If you are not able to find any of such armor sets, then use lighter weapons like Dual Blades and Bow, instead of heavy weapons like Great Sword and Hammer.

The sheath is necessary before using any item from your quick menu. Also as sheathing animation takes a lot of time, you should avoid this while in a monster battle. This will make you prone to incoming attacks and will take much more damage without a weapon to block it. In fights, you need to use a wirebug to doge and launch yourself out of harm’s way to sheath your weapon and consume items.

That’s everything you need to know about how to sheath and put your weapons away in Monster Hunter Rise. While you are here, check out more of our latest Monster Hunter Rise Guides, like: