Monster Hunter Rise: How To Pre-Load

Learn how to pre load Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise is the new title in the Monster Hunter series by Capcom. The role-playing game is exclusively being developed for Nintendo Switch. As of now, the game is supposed to drop on the 26th of March. A PC-based version is in the works and is scheduled for a mid-2022 release. However, the game has generated massive interest due to the success of its previous versions. This has got many players wondering whether they can play the game before its official release on Switch. Well, there is a way to do that. All you have to do is pre-load Monster Hunter Rise. Scroll and read below to read more about it.

How to Pre-Load Monster Hunter Rise

How to Pre-load Monster Hunter Rise.
How to get early access to Monster Hunter Rise.

Follow these steps to Pre-Load the game.

  1. Make a new Nintendo profile or use your regular one.
  2. Go to Nintendo E-Shop.
  3. Search for Monster Hunter Rise in the E-Shop.
  4. Pre-order the game by purchasing it.
  5. Download the game.
  6. Go to your home screen once the game has finished downloading.
  7. Open the game by clicking on it.
  8. This will pre-load the game and give you early access to it.

If you are using a download card, you can use the same procedure to go about it. However, instead of purchasing the game, you have to click on the Redeem code button in the E-Shop. Having done that you will get the game. Now follow the same steps by downloading the game. The game takes up more than 7 GB of space so before you download it on your Switch make sure you have the necessary space. By pre-loading the game you will be able to play the game seamlessly when it drops on 26th March. This will make sure that you won’t face any server issues on the release day and will be able to play it as soon as it is available.

This is everything you need to know about how to Pre-Load Monster Hunter Rise. Find out if you can play the game in Co-op and how to charge Blade controls.