Monster Hunter Rise: Is Crossplay Available?

Here's everything you need to know about crossplay in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise is making a splash since the initial release of the free demo in Switch. Those among us who can’t stop playing it are exploring the world completely. We even joined teams here at GamerTweak to take down the mighty Magnamalo. With a PC version on the horizon, most of us are wondering if to buy the game twice for Switch and Switch Lite or hold on to buy the upcoming PC version. Among all these lingers an important question, “Does Monster Hunter Rise support crossplay between PC and Switch?” Today let’s look at this before taking any major decision.

Is Monster Hunter Rise Cross Platform?

Crossplay Monster Hunter Rise

If you are wondering if you can use crossplay in Monster Hunter Rise, then we are sorry to disappoint you but the answer is No. Right now Capcom has not tapped into the realm of crossplay for Monster Hunter Rise. This is apparent in all the info they gave about the game. The game is supposed to play in its own ecosystem where it will share many aspects of the game and will have cross-compatibility features with the upcoming Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin on July 9, 2021. MHS2 will be available for the same Windows and Switch.

The lack of cross-play doesn’t come as surprise to many.  Capcom never initiated this process even for any of their previous titles. Monster Hunter: World and its expansion pack Monster Hunter World: Iceborne even lacked crossplay. The PC version of this game was considered inferior to the PlayStation 4 & Xbox One versions. It took some time and few patches to bring the PC port to par with the console versions. We can only hope for a better initial launch for PC port Monster Hunter Rise. MHR PC version will hit the shelves somewhere around early to mid-2022. So if you have a second switch at your disposal then buying another switch version is better than waiting for the PC version at this point.

That’s everything you need to know about the crossplay support in Monster Hunter Rise. While you are here, also check out our guide on How to Lock on to Monsters in Monster Hunter Rise.