How To Quickly Reload Gunlance In Monster Hunter Rise

Wondering about how to reload Gunlance in Monster Hunter Rise? Make sure to check it out right here

Knowing how to reload your gunlance in Monster Hunter Rise will help you start an offensive attack once again instead of waiting idly, while the monsters attack you. Using the gunlance has its ups and downs but a lot of people are having issues knowing how to reload the weapon, if you too wish to know how to do it, you’ve come to the right place.

How To Reload Gunlance In Monster Hunter Rise

To reload Gunlance in Monster Hunter Rise, all you have to do is press ZR + A. This will start the reload process and enable you to take on your enemies once again. The reload of the weapon surely does take a while, and this can lead you to be vulnerable to enemy attacks. So make sure that you reload the Gunlance when you have the perfect opportunity in the game.

how to reload gunlance in monster hunter rise
To reload gunlance in Monster Hunter Rise, press ZR + A

The Gunlance has a lot of different controls that you can use in the game, you can perform a Lateral Thrust by pressing A, on the other hand holding A will let you perform Charged Shelling. You can perform normal Shelling by pressing B.

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Rising Slash attack can be performed by pressing X + A, and for Guard Thrust you can press ZR + X. Gunlance is optimized for absolute carnage and with attacks like Wyvern’s Fire you can wipe out an entire enemy horde, to activate it simply press ZR + X + A.

You can even Guard yourself by just pressing ZR or use attacks like Hail Cutter by pressing ZL + XZ and Guard Edge by pressing ZL + A.

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