How to Beat Ibushi in Monster Hunter Rise – Top Skills to Beat It

Finding hard to beat Ibushi, one of the final bosses of Monster Hunter Rise then read this guide.

Monster Hunter Rise has a variety of monsters to deal with. As you progress towards the ending you will face stronger ones. Beating them will give you a chance to earn better rewards. Ibushi is one of the two final bosses of Monster Hunter World. You will be encountering this boss at the later end of the game. It is going to take a reasonable amount of time and skill to slay this monster. In this guide, I am going to share some tips on how to beat Ibushi in Monster Hunter Rise.

Ibushi Boss Fight Walkthrough

Monster Hunter Rise Ibushi

Ibushi is also called the Wind Serpent in Monster Hunter Rise. But she is not alone, you will have to fight The Lightning Serpent “Narwa”. Progress towards the Serpent God of Wind Quest. You will unlock this quest at the end of the game. During this quest, you will have to defend the village from waves of monsters. Keep fighting until you see Ibushi coming out from the sky.

Serpent God of the Wind is a Rampage Quest. You can accept that from the base, you will have to anyhow progress towards the end of this game where you will see it. The quest consists of waves of a monster attack. They will fight you in the village and you can use cannons. All you have to do is guard the village for three waves of hordes until the Ibushi appears.

Monster Hunter Rise Ibushi Horde

Ibushi will charge upon the village, so you don’t really have to find this monster. You will have to block the path of the monster from reaching the next gate. Utilize the platforms around, keep collecting resources and use the Cannons with fire attacks. Use the grapple to move around the platform to check out all the available resources. Ibushi is vulnerable to fire, you can cause higher damage with this attack. You can also use poison on Ibushi to cause higher damage compared to other types of attacks.

Monster Hunter Rise Ibushi

If you manage to reach near to the monster focus on attacking the head and chest. You can also target the arm and tail, but more damage is towards the head and chest part. The windsac at the end of Ibushi’s tail is the weakest part where you can inflict max damage. But it is not easy to reach there.

Also do not focus on attacking, you will have to play a bit defensive here. Whenever you think you are caught in an attack then just dodge away. You can use the grapple to dodge away from incoming attacks. Avoid staying at one place, and use your buddies. They can help you to distract the monster for a while and also to stun her.

You cannot kill this monster, you just have to stay in the fight. In the end, the monster will fly away which means it’s defeated. Collect Ibushi Armor set as a reward for the fight. The armor is good against thunder and ice attacks.