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How To Beat Aknosom In Monster Hunter Rise: Boss Guide

Find out how to beat Aknosom in Monster Hunter Rise

As part of the ‘Feather Frenzy’ quest, you have to beat Aknosom in Monster Hunter Rise. The Aknosom is a Bird Wyvern. The game mentions about the Aknosom by saying, “When this huge Bird Wyvern stands on one leg, its peculiar collar gives it the appearance of a monstrous parasol. It is fiercely territorial, and whenever it finds intruders, it spreads its wings and unfolds the eye-like crest on its head to terrifying effect.” The Aknosom is a hybrid of a crane and a prehistoric dinosaur. It is protective of its land and will shoo enemies away by showing its frills. This guide will show you how to beat the Aknosom.

How to beat Aknosom in Monster Hunter Rise

How to beat Aknosom in Monster Hunter Rise
Aknosom looks like something right out of Jurassic World.

To beat the Aknosom try to focus your attacks on its Head, Crest, and Wing. These areas deal more damage to the Aknosom than attacking its limbs or back. It is usually found in the Shrine Ruins and Frost Islands. The Aknosom is also the first Level 2 difficulty monster you will face in the game. The best way to fight it is to learn to predict its attacks and dodge them.

Its main attacks include Fireballs and slashing types of attacks that are predictable and easy to read. It even uses its beak to hurt you when you’re in the vicinity of its head. The main attacks are easy to identify as it will puff its crest and do a little dance. If you observe these signs it can be pretty easy to avoid these attacks. Like some of the other monsters, the Aknosom too has a ramming-like attack.

Try fighting the Aknosom near a water body as it negates the attack potential of the fireballs. Using faster weapons like a Long Sword is the way to go. Insect Glaive is another handy attack that you can continuously use to dodge and attack the Aknosom. Attacking it from the side is your best bet so that the Aknosom doesn’t damage you with its beak.

This is everything you need to know about how to beat the Aknosom in Monster Hunter Rise. Learn how to unlock Deluxe items in the game as well as how to change the Palico support type.