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Monster Hunter Rise Long Sword Combat Guide: All Controls & How to Use?

Long Sword Moveset & Control Guide

Monster Hunter Rise has around 14 weapons each one of them features unique move sets and combos. Long Sword can be counted as one of the best weapons in the game and in this guide, we will be discussing its combos and move-sets. With over long list of weapons if you are confused about what to use then why not starting with a sword-type weapon. Here is how to use Long Swords to kill the monsters in Monster Hunter Rise.

Long Sword Moveset & Control Guide

The best of part using Long Sword in MH Rise is that you can pull out chains of attacks frequently. If you can mater the move-sets and controls of this weapon it will be a lot easier to attack in combos. It has a strong reach and vertical ability giving you more power on the attack. With the regular attack, you can fill up the Spirit Gauge. This further amplifies the damage and also unlocks Spirit Blade Attack. The challenge is to master all the controls. This weapon holds the power to perform multiple moves in one command. Like 3 Level Spirit Gauge Combo, a move where you can perform three moves Foresight Slash, lai Spirit Slash, and Spirit Blade. This also refills the spirit gauge to the max. An attack with this combo move on the head can cause high damage.

MHW Rise Long Sword Guide

You can now understand why Long Sword is a good weapon in Monster Hunter Rise. We will no begin with all attack controls, moves controls, and how to perform combos using Long Sword.

How to perform Basic Moves using Long Sword?

  • X  – Vertical Slash
  • A – Thrust
  • X + A – Fade Slash
  • L + X + A – Fade Slash in one direction. (Works only during Combo)
  • ZR + B – Special Sheathe (Works only during Combo)
  • Press X after Special Sheathe – Lai Slash
  • Press ZR after Special Sheathe – Spirit Slash
  • ZL + X – Soaring Kick (1 Gauge Consumption. Activation time 20 seconds). Pres ZR after landing a soaring kick to perform Spirit Helm Breaker.
  • LA + A – Serene Pose

Combat Moves (Requires Spirit Guage)

  • ZR – Spirit Blade
  • Press ZR after Moving Attack – Jumping Spirit Blade
  • Press ZR + A during Combo – Foresight Slash
  • ZR + ZR+ ZR+ ZR – Spirit Roundslash
  • Press ZR after Soaring Kick – Spirit Helm Breaker

Special Moves

  • ZR + A – Foresight Slash
  • Press ZR after Foresight Slash – Spirit Roundslash
  • Press ZR + B during Combo – Special Sheathe
  • Press X after Special Sheathe – Lai Slash (Land hit with Lai Slash and refill Spirit Gauge)
  • Press X + ZR during Combo – Lai Slash > Spirit Blade (Consume 1 Spirit Gauge)
  • Press ZR after Special Sheathe – Lai Spirit Slash
  • Press ZR + ZR after Special Sheathe – Lai Spirit Slash > Spirit Blade

Long Sword Combo Moves

  • ZR + A > ZR > ZR + B > ZR > ZR > ZR – A Long Sword combo attack that performs three moves. They are Foresight Slash, lai Spirit Slash, and Spirit Blade and refills the Spirit Gauge. Target the head for max damage.
  • ZL + X > ZR > ZR + B > X > ZR > ZR > ZR – Combat move to activate Spirit Gauge recovery.
  • X + A > ZR > ZR > ZR – Perform Lai Spirit Slash pressing ZR.
  • A > X > Repeat ZR > + A > ZR – Combo to increase spirit gauge.
  • ZL + A – Serene Pose. Consumes 2 Gauges and remains active for 10 seconds.

These are all combo moves for Long Swords. It is a little tricky to remember these moves, but if you can master a few of them it will help you a lot.