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How To Hide Helmet In Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

Find out how to hide the helmet in Monster Hunter Rise.

Do you want to see your character’s face and hide your helmet in Monster Hunter Rise? Well, there is a way to do that and it involves tackling the game’s not-so-complex mechanics. While the process of hiding the helmet in MHR is pretty straightforward there are no in-game guides. Due to this many players are stumped and are relegated to looking at their character with the entire costume set. Follow the steps in this guide to know how to unequip your helmet in the inventory. Know more about how to hide the Helmet in MH Rise.

How to Hide Helmet in Monster Hunter Rise

How to hide your helmet in Monster Hunter Rise
Remove the helmet from your character’s costume.

To hide your Helmet in MHR follow these simple steps.

  • Go into Kamura village.
  • Visit the location where Hinoa the Quest Giver is present.
  • Over here you will see a Buddy Board.
  • Next to this will be an Item Box.
  •  Interact with this Item Box and open it.
  • In the Item Box menu go to the Manage Equipment option.
  • In this sub-menu search for the Equipment Display tab.
  • Within this, you will see the ‘Head’ option.
  • There will be an eyeball icon next to the Head option.
  • Click on it to unselect and hide the helmet/headgear.
  • Exit the menu and you will see that you have successfully managed to hide the Helmet.

You can even unselect other parts of your costume. For doing that you need to again follow the same steps. The sub-menu also showcases options for Weapons, Chest, Arms, Waist, and Legs. Unselect whichever you want to hide that part of your costume or ensemble.

This is everything you need to know about how to hide your Helmet in Monster Hunter Rise. To make some unique items you will need to find some Dreamshells or you can learn how to get commendation in MH Rise.