How To Get Commendation In Monster Hunter Rise

Find out how to get and use Commendation in MH Rise right here in this guide.

Commendation is an item reward in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) that will help you get high level weapons and gear. But it’s not clear how to get Commendation in MHR but that’s what we will address in this guide. It’s not an easy task to get them but they are completely achievable so keep reading to know how to do it.

How to Get Commendation in MHR?

Players can obtain Commendation Tickets as a reward for completing missions. Since this is a later-game item, it will be challenging to get it. That’s because you will need to hunt more than one monster and the quest needs to at least be a 6* Village Quest or 3* Hub Quest. If you are playing solo, it will be easier to beat them as compared to multiplayer mode because of the difficulty difference. Try out the quests like A Test of Courage, King of the Sky, Bane of the Land and Like a Flash of Lightning to earn a Commendation in MHR.

You will encounter monsters such as Magnamalo, Mizutsune, Rathalos and more in these missions so you have to be prepared with the right strategies. These quests are how you can farm Commendations in Monster Hunter Rise as well. Let’s see if more ways to earn this reward are added in the future.

how to get use commendation tickets monster hunter rise (MHR)

How to Use Commendation in Monster Hunter Rise?

Players can use Commendation to craft Wooden Dog Bowgun and upgrade loads of weapons. They are:

  • Ivory Bow II
  • Canyne Cannon II
  • Cawscythe II
  • Chaos Bow II
  • Cuddly Cat II
  • Elite Switch Axe I
  • Fragrance II
  • Gigant Makra II
  • Infernal Axe II
  • Poison Fungasax II
  • Pumpking II
  • Queen Blaster II
  • Heat Lance II
  • Sinister Axe II
  • Sinister Blade II
  • Sinister Blades II
  • Sinister Bow II
  • Sinister Bowgun II
  • Sinister Gunlance II
  • Sinister Hammer II
  • Sinister Long Sword II
  • Sinister Slasher II
  • Sinister Spear II
  • Sinister Staff II
  • Sinister Strum II
  • Sinister Sword II
  • Sinister Volley II

So, that’s everything you need to know about how to get Commendation Tickets in Monster Hunter Rise and how to use them. While you are here, check out our other MHR tips, tricks and strategies: