Monster Hunter Rise: How To Get And Use Toxic Kumori

Here's a quick guide on how to obtain Toxic Kumori in Monster Hunter Rise.

Toxic Kumori is one of the most useful items that players will have to obtain while playing Monster Hunter Rise. Unlike other items in MH Rise, finding Toxic Kumori is not a bed of roses. Since the game has not explained properly how to get Toxic Kumori in MH Rise there are thousands of players who have been having trouble getting their hands on it and if that’s you then look no further as we have got you everything covered.

Similar to Pale Bone, if you get your hands on Toxic Kumori in Monster Hunter Rise, you will be able to use it for upgrading and crafting weapons and armor.

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How To Get Toxic Kumori In Monster Hunter Rise

As we have already mentioned above, getting your hands on Toxic Kumori in MH RIse is a bit difficult. Notably, it can only be farmed by making an order request at Rondine’s Shop. Since it is a bonus item, you can’t directly request a Toxic Kumori. If you want to get it, you will have to order either a Herb or Fish at the Argosy. 

For the unversed, Argosy is a place where trading of rare items takes place in Monster Hunter Rise. If you want to get everything done quickly, you will have to send your Buddy to Argosy and then do Buddy Bargaining and select Speedy Bargaining.

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It should be noted that the Speedy Bargaining can only be unlocked after reaching Level 15 in Monster Hunter Rise. Once you have obtained Toxic Kumori in MH Rise, you will be able to craft and upgrade weapons — Arachnid Bow, Alacrantze, and Cornupion. The only weapon that you can’t upgrade with Toxic Kumori in MHR is Arachnid Bow.

The names of armor that can be crafted with Toxic Kumori are — Skalda / Spio Brachia, Skalda / Spio Crura, Skalda / Spio Elytra, Skalda Thorax / Spio Thorax, and Skalda Vertex / Spio Vertex.

Apart from Toxic Kumori, there are some markets — where your Buddy will go in MH Rise —  will also drop items like Dreamshell and Dosbiscus. The names of these markets are — Mushyroom Market, Sungnug Fruitfair, and Icebarb Bazaar.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Toxic Kumori in Monster Hunter Rise. While here, you may also like to read about the Carbalite Ore or how to get charms in MHR.