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Monster Hunter Rise: How To Collect King’s Beak

Here's a quick guide on how to obtain King's Beat and equip Great Wroggi armor set in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise has numerous armor set to equip but if you want to make yourself a good-looking hunter then I highly recommend wearing the Great Wroggi armor set. There are numerous hunters who want to equip the Great Wroggi armor set but obtaining it in MH Rise is not a bed of roses.

The only reason why Monster Hunter Rise players are having trouble getting the Great Wroggi armor set is it requires players to accumulate multiple King’s Beaks. If you too are having difficulty obtaining this armor set then don’t worry, we have got you everything covered.


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 How To Collect King’s Beak In MH Rise

Regardless of whether you are playing Monster Hunter Rise on low rank or high rank, you will have to collect King’s Beak. As we have mentioned above, obtaining King’s Beak in MH Rise is a bit complicated. To increase the chances of getting King’s Beak in MH Rise, you will have to use the following methods in both low rank or high rank.


Low Rank

While playing low rank in MH Rise, players will only have a 5% chance of getting a King’s Beak upon completing a quest involving Great Wroggi. Unlike other items in MH Rise, players can’t directly get King’s Beak by carving. There is no better way than completing the Great Wroggi quest, again and again, to collect King’s Beat in Monster Hunter Rise.

If you want to collect more King’s Beak in no time, I highly recommend capturing instead of killing Great Wroggi. The only reason why we are urging you to capture Great Wroggi is it increases the chance of dropping King’s Beak by 15% as compared to 5% upon killing it.


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High Rank

Obtaining Great Wroggi in high rank is a lot easier as compared to low rank.  If you manage to capture Great Wroggi in high rank, it increases the chance of getting it by 12%. What makes obtaining it in high rank is so straightforward is it increase the chance of obtaining Great Wroggi by 70% whenever you break its head. Once you have gathered the required King’s Beak, you will be able to obtain the Great Wroggi armor set.


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