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Resident Evil Village: How To Start New Game Plus Mode

Let’s see how you can start a New Game + mode in Resident Evil Village.

Even though Resident Evil comes in various difficulties completing it entirely in one go is almost impossible. With so many side quests and trophies to earn it gets difficult for players to decide what to focus on. A game so detailed., players should revisit it and the New game plus mode does exactly that, increase the replayability of Resident Evil Village. Let’s see how you can start the NG+ mode in Resident Evil Village.

How To Start New Game Plus Mode In Resident Evil Village?


Resident evil village new game plus
To start the New game Plus mode you’ll have to complete the game and defeat the final boss in one of the modes. We recommend you try completing it in Normal mode, but if you are pro, no level is too difficult. Once you have completed the game save the Completed game file. Go to the home screen and load a save, select the completed game file. When you select you will also get an option to start on a new difficulty level. This is your time to increase the difficulty level, this is how you finish the game in various difficulty levels.

Almost all your items are carried forward in the NG+ mode, from weapons, lei, upgrades, Ethan’s briefcase, and challenges. What doesn’t carry forward are the Keys you had collected in your run. The roadmap to keys defines the route you take in the game, if you already have the keys the whole trajectory will change.

One of the key features of the NG+ mode is your progress in challenges. This will help you in upgrading weapons to the max and unlocking the infinite ammo mode, and we don’t need to stress how much infinite ammo would help in an action game like this. Some trophies like the Timber trophy becomes easier to get when you have infinite ammo. After completing your first run, Do go for the New game + mode as it’ll help you explore many new things. To know about all the resources you can have in the game, do check out our Resident Evil Wiki.