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Best Resident Evil Village Mods

Level up your gameplay with these amazing Resident Evil Village Mods.

The air is just different with RE Village and you are surrounded by the unexpected. The sheer horror and the need for desperate survival are just a constant feeling. To make things easier and a little more in your favor, there are mods to your rescue. This new game already has been successful to drive developers to make some amazing mods In this guide, we cover a list of the best mods for Resident Evil Village that will level up your gameplay including Lady Dimitrescu mods, the Sisters mods, etc.

Which are the Best Resident Evil Village Mods?

The following list of mods is some of the best Resident Evil Village Mods that will help you buff up your gameplay.

Mommy Glasses- Lady Dimitrescu Mods

Lady Dimitrescu Mods

Her sass is unbeatable and her aura reeks dominance. To get her in that perfect classy lady role, all she is missing is some shades. the mommy glasses mods will give Lady Dimitrescu a pair of glasses that will make her look strikingly classy and sassy.

Daughters Flies Removal

Daughters Flies Removal Mod RE Village
The Three sisters may be evil but their dark aura hides a pristine beauty beneath. They are almost always seen with flies and insects around them in the game which can be crowding. So to get a good look at these beautiful vampire women, use the mod Daughters Flies Removal. This RE8 mod will clear out the flies around them and help you get mesmerized by them.

Replace the Armors with Alcina Dimitrescu – Lady Dimitrescu Mods

Alcina Dimitrescu Mods

You can never get enough of Alcina Dimitrescu. Our main vampire lady here has everyone’s hearts under her feet.  He plays her part in the game but we need more than just boss fights and random cutscenes with her. The Replace the Armors with Alcina Dimitrescu mod will bring your dreams into reality by doing just what the mod says. Now you get to see some oomph for every dreadful-looking zombie that you encounter.

Daughters of YorHa Dress

Daughters Of Yorha

What if we tell you there is a way to get you the ultimate dream character by getting the daughter in NieR Replicant’s world by dressing them up in YorHa outfits? The Daughters of YorHa Dress mod will let do just that by giving the sisters a YorHa dress in RE Village. These already enchanting women will stop you right in your tracks and pretty much dare you to shoot at such a sight with this mod.

Cassandra Playable

Play As Cassandra

Why just appreciate the beauty, why not be the beauty. A small role switch-up may be just what you would be looking for in the game. The mod Cassandra Playable will let you replace Ethan Winters with one of the witch Sisters Cassandra and let you play Resident Evil Village with her as the main character.

Resident Shade 1.2

Resident Evil Village Reshade

The game is of a horror genre and the intensity of the darkness it holds can consume you. You need clarity and you need vision. The Resident Shade 1.2 mod of RE8 will help you see a clearer picture with enhanced contrast, color, and sharpness helping you feel a little safer in this eerie game.

Play as Alcina Dimitrescu – Lady Dimitrescu Mod Play As Lady Dimitrescu Mod

Here is something that you did not know you needed until we showed you what you needed. Yes, you can play as The Lady Alcina Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village by using this mod. Get this one and you will always have a beautiful sight to look at and play as.

Fly Swatters

Fly Swatters

The game is intense but if you are anything like me, the flies drive you nuts. The constant buzzing of these insects on your face can be annoying especially when you cannot swat them away, at least in the original game. Hence, this mod is to your rescue. Get some satisfaction by swatting those flies using this Fly Swatters mod in RE Village that gives Ethan Winters a Fly Swatter!

MK23 Socom

MK23 Socom Mod RE Village Best Resident Evil Village Mods

When bloodthirst vampires are behind your life, you can not simply play hide and seek. They will sneak up on you and you need more power than a regular handgun. What you need is an MK23 Socom that will power you up and boost your confidence to kill some already dead peeps. The mod MK23 Socom will get Ethan Winters this gun in RE8.

Samurai Edge Custom

Samurai Edge Custom

Just look at this gun and tell me you don’t already want it. This masterpiece gun does a lot more than just look pretty for you. If you are in the mood to kill some pretty witches and dead zombies, get this gun out and go full-blown bang bang by using the Samurai Edge Custom mod in Resident Evil Village.

Mini Me Chris

Mini Me Chrism Best Resident Evil Village Mods

With a game like resident evil, the dead seriousness can get to you at one point. So to lighten things up, the mod Mini Me Chris is at the rescue. This mod will replace the face of Ethan Winters’ baby with the face of Chris. You can have a good laugh at it for a while in this constant horror-laced environment.

So that is all for our article on the list of best Resident Evil Village (RE8) Mods that you must try right now. We also have a wiki page on the game RE Village Wiki if you would like to know more about the game.