Resident Evil Village Statue Puzzle solution in Castle Dimitrescu

Here is what to do with the four statues in Resident Evil Village?

Castle Dimitrescu is filled with puzzles. In one of the rooms after exiting the Courtyard, you will come across a room with four statues and a pool of blood. There is a hidden door but for this, you will have to drain the liquid out. The door leads to an underground dungeon which ends into a small lift. The lift will take you to the terrace where you will find Dimitrescu’s Key. I am going to help you with solving the Resident Evil 8 Statue Puzzle. It is extremely simple and here is what to do.

How to solve Statue Puzzle in RE 8?

You can rotate the statues and change their facing. Pointing them in the right direction will unlock the door in the pool. So here is the sequence.

  1. Lady with Hat and Wine Glass will Face the Maid.
  2. Maid with a Wine bottle will face the Queen.
  3. Horsemen will face the Maid.
  4. Traders will face the Horsemen.

That’s it place the four statues in the right direction and you will be able to solve this puzzle. As the statue starts facing in an accurate direction the liquid in the pool will drain out. A secret passage opens up that leads to an underground dungeon. Filled with blood you will have to fight Maiden who will drop some valuable stuff. If you have any confusion watch the video below.

At the end of the Dungeon is a Lift that takes you to the terrace. Do not forget to save the game, the typewriter is in the room on left. Next is Ethan spying on the Vampire Lady and she moves away to grab Dimitrescu’s key. But Ethan is not that lucky, so best run towards the Duke’s shop. Whenever you found yourself chased by Lady Dimitrescu’s daughter or the lady herself you can refuge in the Duke’s shop. No one enters inside the shop which is quite weird. Want to see how it works then watch the video below.

The tall Vampire Lady followed me to the shop but she did not enter. You can try this trick to catch some breath. Also, Duke’s shop has a Labyrinth Puzzle which can give you a valuable item. Selling this rewards you instantly with 8000 cions. The below video is on how to solve the puzzle. You will have to find an iron ball for the same which is quite tough to find if you do not know where to go.

Hope the guide is going to help you a lot. We have lots of tips and tricks on RE8. Do not forget to visit the Resident Evil Village Wiki guide for more details on various puzzles. Like Piano Puzzle, Special Chambers Puzzle, etc.