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Resident Evil Village How To Beat Second Sister Daniela (Boss Guide)

Here's how to beat second sister Daniela in RE 8 Village.

Wondering how to beat second sister Daniela in Resident Evil Village? Then you are in the right place. Beating the second daughter of Lady Dimitrescu requires you to understand her weaknesses and attack patterns. So let’s look at this boss fight guide right now.

How to Beat Second Sister Daniela in Resident Evil Village?


To beat the second sister Daniela in Resident Evil Village render Daniela weak by using the Sun Roof lever inserted in the room middle pillar to let in cool air and keep landing headshots with the LEMI pistol or M1897 shotgun.

Resident Evil Village Second Sister Daniela Boss Fight

Daniela’s weaknesses like her sisters are sunlight, cold air, and headshots. To trigger Daniela’s boss fight you need to find Iron Insignia Key. After you receive the Iron Insignia Key, Lady Dimitrescu will follow you through the Opera Hall. It can be used to open the closed door on the second floor. This leads to Daniela, who can be found in the library.


Daniela makes uses her ability to transform into a swarm of flies, the most. These flies have a habit of blocking your view. She’ll either float towards you or easily vanish and reappear fast to get next to you for a hit. In this battle, distance is crucial. She will easily take ground on you due to her ability to use it. As a result, you must maintain a safe distance from her. Turn away from her and sprint across the circular space, grabbing all available ammunition.

The sunroof lever is located in the middle of the room, embedded in one of the pillars. Allow a breeze of cold air to enter, making Daniela weak. Deal headshots to her from safety after you’ve opened up the sunroof. Hurry back to the lever as soon as you hear the device begin to slowly make sound, and wait for it to become functional again.

This is everything you need to know about how to beat second sister Daniela in RE 8 Village. Now that you are here, make sure you have a look at our complete Resident Evil Village Wiki.