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Resident Evil Village – Xbox & PS4 Controls Guide

Want some help with learning the basic and important controls of RE Village on consoles, then read this guide.

Resident Evil Village is coming on PC, PS5, PS4, and Xbox consoles. The game takes you into a haunted village of monsters. There are tons of challenges, puzzles, and monster fights in Resident Evil Village. You will definitely need some help to play it on the console due to the different control schemes. In this guide, I am going to help you with learning RE Village controls on a console platform. For example how to attack, or how to crouch, etc.

Resident Evil Village Xbox Controls


Xbox One Village Controller

On Xbox, you will have to focus a lot on using the guard and attack button. This will help you to throw away the enemies far while attacked.

  1. AIM – LT
  2. Guard – LB
  3. Attack – RT
  4. Use Recovery Item – RB
  5. Open Map or View Journal – View Button
  6. Pause – Menu Button
  7. Open Inventory – Y
  8. Examine / Pick Up Item – A
  9. Reload – X
  10. None – B
  11. Move – LS
  12. Quick Turn – LS + B
  13. Run – Click LS
  14. View – RS
  15. Crouch / Stand – Click RS

Resident Evil Village PlayStation Controls


The same goes for PlayStation also, if you are playing RE Village on PS4 or PS5 then managing guard and attack plays a big role. Other controls are standard.

  1. AIM – L2
  2. Guard – L1
  3. Attack – R2
  4. Use Recovery Item – R1
  5. Open Map or View Journal – Touchpad
  6. Pause – Options
  7. Open Inventory – Triangle
  8. Examine / Pick Up Item – X
  9. Reload – Square
  10. None – Circle
  11. Move – LS
  12. Quick Turn – LS + Circle
  13. Run – Click LS
  14. View – RS
  15. Crouch / Stand – Click RS

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