Resident Evil Village Maiden & Demon Crest Location Guide

Here are two Crest locations that are required to unlock the main door in RE Village.

As Ethan enters the village, he finds many locked gates and doors. The big one requires two Crest to unlock, you can find them at the end of the road. You cannot progress further without finding the Maiden and Demon crest. In this guide, I will help you with the exact crest locations in Resident Evil Village. The first one is easy to locate, but for the second you will have to find a screwdriver. This screwdriver will let you pick locks in Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Village Maiden & Demon Crest Location

RE Village Maiden Crest Location

Maiden Crest is in the Church. Just follow the main path and you will find the church at the right end with signs outside. Go inside and look near the photos. It’s kept on the table. Collect the crest and add this to your inventory. Refer to the map location above to reach this item.

RE Village Screw Driver

For the second one, you will have to continue playing until you meet Elena. You will unlock a gate to enter a fellow villagers’ house. Which will be later attacked by her father who will transform into a Lycan. After the cutscene, Elena and Ethan run towards the garage. Go to the Garage Kitchen and check the drawer on the left of the sink. There is a truck key, for example, the pouch and you will find a screwdriver in it.

RE Village Demon Crest Location

Grab this item and then in the next cutscene, Ethan will jump out of the small window to exit the burning house. Jump to the ground and look for the small locked house on the right, use the screwdriver to open it. You will get the second crest, the Demon Crest. Now return to the door and place both the crest. Align them properly to unlock the door, you will be on your way to the castle.

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