Resident Evil Village: How To Get All Items At The Chamber Of Solace?

Here’s a list of items you will find at the Chamber of Solace in Resident Evil Village

Every place you visit in Resident Evil Village will have some freebies so make sure you scrape through it well. One such place is the Chamber of solace, it is located exactly beneath the dreadful Castle of Dimitrescu. The castle of Dimitrescu is one of the first castles you visit in the game so it is better to grab as many items as you can because you have a long way ahead. The Chamber of Solace in Resident Evil Village is full of items so let’s see how you can get all of them.

How To Get All Items At The Chamber Of Solace In Resident Evil Village?

Resident evil village chamber of solace
After entering the chamber turn to your left and you will find some Lei. Stay on your right and keep following the curve, you will find a Pipebomb as well. You will notice you have reached a dead-end so head back to the main chamber hallway. After exiting that room you will see 2 rooms on your left, the bigger room will have Rusted scrap, while the smaller one will have some more lei for you to pick. Exit the smaller room and it will directly lead you to an Iron Key Insignia door, take the stairs to head downwards.

You will encounter a vampire on your way, it won’t be difficult for you to get rid of it. After you are done with the Vampire keep heading downwards and to your right, you will find some handgun ammo. Turn around and you will find another room on your left on the opposite wall, In the room, you will find a crate that contains some more Lei.

This was all you could get from the Chamber of Solace, take the stairs heading towards the kitchen as they will take you further in the game. Do check out our Resident Evil Wiki to not miss out on any such items in the game.