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How To Get The Wolfsbane Magnum (M1851 Location) In Resident Evil 8 Village

Wondering where to find the Magnum location? Check out this guide to know.

There are quite a few weapons you can use to take down enemies and if you want the Wolfsbane Magnum in Resident Evil 8 Village, this guide will show you how. The M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum is a valuable weapon that is also Moreau’s Hidden Weapon. This is one of the best guns in RE8 and it can get a bit confusing to find it. But it’s worth the effort because it has a base power of 1700, rate of fire is 1.5, ammo capacity is 5 and reload speed is 2.5. If you spend 100K Lei, you can also buy an upgrade to increase the ammo capacity. So, let’s look at the Magnum location and how to get it.

Where to Find Wolfsbane Magnum (Moreau’s Hidden Weapon) in Resident Evil 8 Village


To get the Wolfsbane Magnum (M1851), that is, Moreau’s Hidden Weapon in RE8, players have to beat Moreau. That’s when you can have access to the location of his treasure. You must first find a Crank before going head to head with the boss (don’t miss it). Once that is done, you can use the Crank to open the metal Gate in the village.

how to use crank resident evil 8

where to use crank gate re8


Keep going ahead and find a house near Moreau’s Lab which is the Wolfsbane Magnum M1851 Location. There are three houses here, you have to go to the one marked below. Check it out on the map:

where to Find Wolfsbane Magnum (M1851 Location)
Moreau’s Hidden Weapon location on map in Resident Evil 8 Village

Simply open up the door and open the box. This is where you can find this weapon which is one of the best guns in RE8.


Moreau’s Hidden Weapon re village

Note that you will encounter various enemies on this journey, including flying ones, so keep an eye out for that.

The M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum is good because it deals quite a lot of damage for every shot and ideal against bosses. As mentioned earlier, you can also talk to The Duke to level up this weapon.


That is all about the Moreau’s Hidden Weapon in Resident Evil 8 Village. Want more such helpful info and item locations? Head over to our RE 8 Wiki guide.