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Resident Evil Village: Where To Find The Key And The Screwdriver

Stick around to know where to find the Key and the Screwdriver in Resident Evil village

Resident evil village follows Ethan’s journey through the Zombie town. While most of it focuses on his brawls with zombies of all kinds and fast-paced fights. There are some puzzles as well for players. When Ethan is stuck at a house with some people, a fire starts around the house, trapping all of them. The only out of the house is the truck, so let’s see where to find the key and the screwdriver in Resident Evil Village.

Where To Find The Key And The Screwdriver In Resident Evil Village?


Resident evil village key screwdriver
The only way out of the house is to drive the truck through it, for that you’ll need the keys. When you come down and head into the kitchen, you’ll find a note on the table. It will say that you will find the key and screwdriver in the kitchen. You can find the key in the drawer on the left of the sink. Pick up the key and press X to examine it. After examing it you will see that a screwdriver was wrapped in the Keyring with the Key. The screwdriver is also very important. Once you have the key use it to start the truck and drive the truck through the house.

After the cut scene, you will find yourselves on a staircase, get to the top of the house and you find two windows. Use the windows to jump out into the balcony, from the balcony you can jump down and that’s your way out. This is what regular players would do and miss out on the Demon Crest Key. Yes, you read it right, the game hid one of the keys in a mission where you’ll be busy focusing on survival. Before leaving the house turn right and just next to the gate you will find a wooden cabinet.

Use the Screwdriver to open the cabinet and that is how you will get the Demon Crest key. It was very easy for players to miss it as the game doesn’t give you the screwdriver itself, you have to examine the key to find it. While many would think a screwdriver is just a tool, It is the “key” to the Demon Crest Key.
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